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Top 10 Tips To Go Camping With Babies In The Wilderness

Nature is one of the best places to go when looking to break away from the rush of the city, but once the little one is born, it can become quite tricky to enjoy nature to its fullest extent. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should refrain from enjoying the beauty nature has to offer and confine yourself to the city lifestyle.

Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies

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I have decided to look a little deeper and give you the best tips to enjoy nature with your babies, without making too many compromises that could potentially ruin the trip or take the fun out of it.

Once your baby has arrived, it makes sense to not take them out into the wilderness at the start, but once they grow older, it can become a great way to spend quality time with your family and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere created by nature. Here are a few advice that you could use when going camping with your children:

  • Pick a spot close to home

The closer you stay to home, the easier it will be to fix any problem that may arise. If you have forgotten something important, you will not need to drive too far to fetch this. While this might not seem like the ideal camping situation, it can be used as a test run to ensure your child is comfortable with the outdoor lifestyle and has the ability to adapt if needed.

It can also be helpful to inform a neighbor of your location and to give them a backup key just in case you are not able to drive home and you need something important. This could save many troubles if the baby is fussy about things like specific diapers and clothing.

  • Pack extra warm accessories

Babies tend to be cold much sooner than adults and without the right equipment, you might need to offer up your sleeping bag for the baby.

Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies

Much like taking enough beer in your camping cooler, the baby needs to be taken care of and having enough warm clothing and blankets will certainly help you avoid any potential problems.

  • Take separate clothing for the baby to sleep in

Since babies are still young, they are not as adaptable at regulating their own temperatures as adults. Thus, they will sweat up quite a lot and since they cannot be washed, these sweaty clothes will be extremely cold when it starts to cool. By changing the baby’s clothing before it starts chilling, you will avoid the baby cooling down and the baby should remain at normal temperature.

  • Bring toys or something comfortable that your child loves

Babies tend to build attachments with things they really love. For some babies, this could be a blanket while others are attached to their teddies. Whatever your baby feels comfortable with carrying along all day, it is important to include this. Since they will be in an unknown environment, this could help stimulate the trust feeling and help them warm up to the new environment.

  • Ensure the mother is comfortable if she is nursing

Not all mothers do breastfeeding, but since most folks prefer to do it, I have decided to include this tip. Though breastfeeding itself is already quite uncomfortable, it is much worse for mothes to feed their children on the hardened floor of the tent.

To ensure the baby and the mother is happy, it is recommended that you do invest in something comfortable for both of them. For me, a camping cot or a sleeping bag would be ideal for mothers to feed the bay inside the tent. Nothing can be worse on a camping trip than having a grumpy baby and mother to deal with.

  • Carefully select the camping location

The camping location is fundamentally important as well and once you have a favorite location, it can be tempting to keep on going there. However, when camping with your baby for the first time, it will be better if you choose somewhere quiet without a ton of traffic.

Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies

This could startle your child and since the baby is busy adapting, it could potentially prolong the adapting process as well.

  • Include a play mat for the baby

Once you start making the campfire, the baby might not yet be asleep and this will force someone to sit in the tent and entertain them. However, by including a play mat, the baby will be able to enjoy the outdoors and avoid having to play on the sand and the grass. This also enables you all to enjoy the camping trip and your child will feel much more relaxed when surrounded by trusted friends and family.

  • Include multiple snacks for your trip

Babies and especially toddlers tend to be hungry at the most inopportune of times and if you are not prepared to deal with this, you might find yourself with a very upset baby. One of the best things to do is to include snacks in your luggage.

This is especially important when going on hikes with the baby. Since they will be out in nature and the sun will drain energy, a few snacks could keep them at optimal energy levels and perhaps even help them take a nap.

  • Do not stay confined to the camping location

As your baby grows older and turns into a toddler, they will need something to stay entertained and keep them from being bored. By selecting a campsite with many interesting things to keep them busy, you will feel free to enjoy time with your child and they will love the trip even more.

Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies

One thing to keep in mind when camping with a toddler or babies that crawl is to know your plants. Many plants can be dangerous for the baby and poison ivy could potentially even cause death. It is also advisable to always have someone keep an eye on the baby to ensure they are safe.

  • Always remember that the baby is adapting

It is really easy to forget reality when on your camping trip and to slip back into your old habits, but you should definitely keep in mind that the baby is the one adapting and you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Once the baby has adapted and you have been on a couple of camping trips, it will be much easier for you to relax and enjoy the trip yourself.

Are you ready to take your baby camping?

Now that you have somewhat of a better understanding of camping with your baby, it should be easier to make this decision. By following these tips, you should have a smooth camping trip where all the important things have been covered. If you have even gone out camping with your baby, I would love to read your story and the tips that you could share in the comment section below.

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