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Travel and Child Custody

Traveling as a family is a fun adventure, despite the fact that it requires some compromises and high-level logistical decision-making skills. But what if the parents in the family decide to separate? This only adds further complications. Child custody disputes can be daunting at the best of times, but when travel is added into the mix, it can become a real cause of distress.

How Travel Complicates Divorce

A vagabond lifestyle is generally one of freedom and flexibility. However, some of this freedom may be lost when a marital separation occurs. During the divorce of a traditional non-traveling couple, their child will divide their time between each parent. If the parents live close together, this isn’t too difficult to organize.

If, however, the child is regularly switching countries, then how can they easily spend time with each parent? Unless the divorced couple is willing to travel on a similar route, then this can be almost impossible to figure out. That complicates divorce because it takes one of the most emotive and sensitive aspects and makes it so much harder.

Making Arrangements

Vagabond parents need to work hard to make arrangements. This will vary considerably depending on your personal circumstances. Perhaps one parent wants to settle down while the other continues to roam. The child will need to consider which lifestyle they prefer and whether they’re able to do both.

Both parents should use a mutually accessible online calendar. They can pencil in their travel plans for the year and then organize which trips the child can attend. This requires more pre-planning and cooperation than divorced couples might desire, but it’s essential. You may also want to embrace a slower pace of travel to make this workable.

Seeking Child Support

During this difficult time, it is the child’s well-being that matters the most. If either parent has to sacrifice an aspect of their nomadic lifestyle, then so be it. Make sure the child is able to access both their parents on a consistent and regular basis so that they have the emotional support they need as they develop into adults. Stability is important at this time, even if it’s within the context of a traveler’s way of life.

You should also access child support services wherever possible. Contact Napa Divorce to find a child support lawyer that can help you move through this process smoothly and quickly settle any child custody disputes. They’ll also be able to point you in the direction of further support services for both parents and children experiencing divorce.

Traveling is one of the best ways to broaden your family’s horizons. When the parents split up, though, it can be complicated. Divorce is always difficult, but throw travel into the mix, and you may have some additional problems. The key, though, is the same as it is with any divorce: act with kindness and honesty in the best interests of your children. If you do this, then you should come to an arrangement that works for the happiness of all involved.

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