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What to do with a Toddler on Holiday?

Some parents may cringe at the thought of taking a toddler on holiday. How are you supposed to relax when your toddler has a mind of his own? They are a little too young to truly appreciate landmarks, historical sites, and cultural activities. So, how do you keep them entertained, especially when it comes to the outdoors?

Here are a few sports and outdoor activities for toddlers that you could try:

Go on a picnic

Pack up a basket with healthy snacks and some fun foods and make your way to a park. Put down a blanket to sit on and enjoy some time outdoors.

Allow your toddler to explore the surrounds while you enjoy the fresh air. Add some toys to your basket, like a ball that you can play with on the lawns to keep your little one entertained when they are not snacking.

Take a nature walk

Nature walks are a great holiday activity and fun for the whole family. Depending on the age of your toddler and their ability to walk, select a walk that they will be able to handle. You don’t want to have to carry them all the way back if they get tired.

If they are still in a stroller, choose a walk that is gentler and not too bumpy. Select trails that will have interesting things to see, like animals, waterfalls, or interactive activities such as spotting certain features or animals.

Play ball games

Let your toddler have fun on the lawns with some fun ball games. If they are old enough, try teaching them the rules to your favorite sport and see how well they can play along. You can also come up with your own goofy games that will not only leave them in stitches of laughter, but you as well.

If your toddler is a little younger and can’t quite grasp the rules of a game just yet, try simple rolling or throwing a soft ball back and forth. This will be fun for them and help their hand-eye coordination too!

Go fishing

If your toddler is slightly older, take them fishing. Teach them out to handle a fishing rod and put bait on the hook. Do practice caution with fishing hooks, and if you think your toddler is not quite at the careful stage of baiting their own hook, rather do it for them.

Rather than fishing at any lake, dam or river, take them to a dedicated fishing spot where they stock fish in the dam. If you are also a beginner, its a good idea to pick up some carp fishing equipment from Total Fishing Tackle. This will increase their chances of catching something. You have to admit it, it is more fun and exciting when your kids actually catch a fish.

Go horse riding

Yet another great outdoor experience for you and your toddler. Find a stable where they offer guided horse rides. You can sit on the horse with your child and be led around a park or through a forest for a fun and different experience. You may even be able to feed the horses carrots when you arrive back at the stables.

Visit an aquarium, zoo, or farm yard

There is no doubt that most kids love animals, especially toddlers when they are learning the names and sounds the animals make. Take your toddler to an aquarium, the local zoo or a petting-zoo type of farm yard. Here they will be able to point out all their favorite animals and enjoy some fun activities the venues have to offer.

Most zoos and aquariums have interactive displays and play areas for children to learn and experience the animals in a more hands-on way. This is a must- do activity when taking your toddler on holiday.

Visit a water park

Water parks are always a blast and there is something for everyone. So, if your toddler is still quite small or even learning how to swim, the water park can still be a blast. There are often shallow pools designed especially for toddlers, where you can keep an eye on them and even swim with them.

Some of the rides are also gentler and toddler-friendly allowing you to play around and have some serious fun with your little one. Just remember to always keep your child within arm’s reach when they are in the water to keep them safe, especially if they can’t swim.


The outdoor activities are endless when it comes to holidaying with your toddler. You just need to find the right ones that will interest them and keep them entertained. Obviously, if your child is frightened of the activity, such as getting up on a horse or going down a water slide, don’t force them.

You don’t want to deal with an upset child for the rest of the day. You know your child and you know what they like, so use that to your advantage when choosing your holiday activities. Happy holidaying!

About the author: I am Tom Hardy  co-founder of Toys Advisors blog. I have a lovely family with my wife Sophie, my son Quentin and my daughter Sarah. I spent most of time with my family, I learn and share  about parenting, DIY

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