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When Vacations Go Wrong: 5 Things You Need To Know

Going on vacation is something that everyone looks forward to. Unfortunately, there are times when a dream trip turns into a nightmare. The motto, “Always be prepared!” rings true when it comes to traveling and vacations. The following list can help you prepare for the possibility of dealing with some of the most common issues that can occur when you are away from home.

1. Car Accidents

Getting into a car accident while on vacation can be a lot more problematic than dealing with the same issue at home, especially if you rented the vehicle that was involved in the incident. Whether you ask a Los Angeles state trooper or a West Palm Beach car accident attorney, they both might suggest that if a collision should occur with your rental car, you will need to get as much information as possible to give to your rental company. When renting a car, it is best to fully understand your rental agreement along with the car rental insurance policy that is offered when you first pick up the vehicle. As long as you agree to this additional expense, you will be covered if you end up damaging the rental car during an accident.

2. Unexpected Cancellations

In some instances, you might be forced to cancel your trip instead of taking your vacation. When this happens, you will typically lose the majority of the money that you have invested into plane tickets, prepaid hotel rooms, and ticketed events. However, if you purchase vacation insurance, you will be able to recover at least part of the money that would have otherwise been wasted.

3. Injuries

Getting injured or becoming ill while on vacation can be disastrous, especially if you end up in the hospital. Although your health insurance will probably be accepted by just about any facility in the U.S., you could run into major issues if you are traveling out of the country. Therefore, before you leave on any international trips, it is vital to contact your insurance provider to determine whether or not you will be covered for injuries and illnesses during your vacation. If you are not covered, you should look into a temporary vacation insurance plan. These plans will provide you with at least a basic level of protection for any medical issues that you might experience during your vacation.

4. Theft

If something is stolen from you while you are on vacation, you will need to make a police report immediately and contact your homeowners or renters insurance provider. Depending on what was stolen, your insurance company might offer protection for the item if it was included in your policy.

You should also make sure that your items are safely hidden while you are traveling to dissuade thieves from approaching you. For example, you should never wear expensive jewelry in areas that you are unfamiliar with while on vacation.

5. Incarceration

Every new place that you visit, regardless of whether it is in the U.S. or abroad, has its own laws. Therefore, you must make sure that you are aware of the local laws to ensure that you do not end up spending part of your vacation, or longer, in jail. If something does go wrong, make sure that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

As you can see, everything bad that can happen at home can also happen while you are on vacation, but it can be harder to deal with these situations if you have not taken the proper precautions. Make sure that you speak to your travel agent about any applicable insurance policies before you leave, and contact an attorney if you run into any legal issues.

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