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Visit Florence to Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience

Florence is an evergreen city that has never failed to impress visitors. From the ancient churches to the historical renaissance to the culinary art of medieval architecture, this timeless beauty will give you the incredible experience of traveling.

Taking into consideration accommodation, a luxury suite in Florence is the best way to enjoy a vacation in the center of the city, because you have a comfortable solution to relax and at the same time you are close to all the main attractions of Florence.

These few things below definitely should be in your consideration.

Renaissance Art

Florence was at the heart of the Italian renaissance. If you want to see all the iconic relics of the Italian renaissance, then Florence is the city to be. While Botticelli reached a new height of renaissance beauty with his painting of ‘The Allegory of Spring’, Michelangelo created world-famous history with the statue of David. On the other hand, Leonardo Vinci left a significant mark on everything he touched. Pay a visit to the different famous Florentine museums to see these men’s work and more on display.

Medieval Architecture

Florence has been the pride of Italy since the middle ages in terms of architectural glory. Historical places such as museums and churches are a lifetime treasure for the city. The most famous Brunelleschi Dome alone can dominate the whole world with its magnificent shape. The 436-meter climbing steps will lead you to the top, exposing the best possible view of the town. The dome is also one of the finest creations of architecture that touch Florence’s skyline. Another spot that is very popular with visitors is Piazzale Michelangelo. The Medici Villa, which is the home of ancient kings, is another precious jewel to discover.

Fashion and Cuisine

Florence is called the mother of world-renowned fashion designers and world-famous jewelry nobody can ignore. You will find renowned luxury brands consisting of remarkable collections of clothes, shoes, bags, and perfumes with each step. Moreover, Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge of Florence, is filled with numerous craft jewelry shops. So, you can safely fill your luggage with the works of some of the most passionate craftsmen in the world.

In addition, the cuisines of Florence are another world-beater. We already know that Italy is the king of Cheese and Florence is no different from it. From the Tuscany bread, local honey, and wild boar sauce to the variety of drinks, traditional Florentine cuisines are another name of deliciousness for food lovers. You will also find a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables in the local markets.

Florence has always been a vibrant city, and all her creations have their history to cherish. The cultural heritage enriches every tiny corner of the town. A very tourist-friendly destination, you must visit the Tuscan capital at least once in your lifetime.

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