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The holidays are some of the most stressful times of the year. Kids are wrapping up school and taking final tests, there are social obligations and parties to attend, and you have to finish shopping for you holiday gifts and get the house in order to host. With all this added stress, mornings can be even more difficult this time of year. The sun doesn’t come up as early, making it so you’d rather stay in bed for another hour… or four.

The secret to making the mornings during the holidays run smoother? Sticking to your usual routine as best you can. The more consistent you are with your morning rituals, the easier it is for your kids to follow suit. This infographic outlines other ways to de-stress getting ready in the morning:

Tips for Stressed Parents: Simplifying Your Morning Routine

Tips for Stressed Parents: Simplifying Your Morning Routine

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While it’s easy to get thrown off your routine during the holiday season, the benefits pay off. Your routine sets the pace for the day ahead, so you can handle whatever chaos the world throws at you.

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For many travellers, visiting Asia can be one of the most rewarding and mind expanding experiences they experience.

Getting to know cultures so different to our own is what makes exploring Asia so amazing, however these very variations in culture should make travellers mindful of the way they conduct themselves, as social customs are often being quite different from their own.

Kandoo Adventures have put together this handy infographic to help you navigate the most popular Asian travel destinations and make sure you don’t inadvertently offend any of the locals!

From Chinese dining customs to speaking Indian English, this infographic covers all of the most common traveller faux-pas so you don’t repeat these mistakes!

Nature is one of the best places to go when looking to break away from the rush of the city, but once the little one is born, it can become quite tricky to enjoy nature to its fullest extent. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should refrain from enjoying the beauty nature has to offer and confine yourself to the city lifestyle.


Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies


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I have decided to look a little deeper and give you the best tips to enjoy nature with your babies, without making too many compromises that could potentially ruin the trip or take the fun out of it.

Once your baby has arrived, it makes sense to not take them out into the wilderness at the start, but once they grow older, it can become a great way to spend quality time with your family and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere created by nature. Here are a few advice that you could use when going camping with your children:

  • Pick a spot close to home

The closer you stay to home, the easier it will be to fix any problem that may arise. If you have forgotten something important, you will not need to drive too far to fetch this. While this might not seem like the ideal camping situation, it can be used as a test run to ensure your child is comfortable with the outdoor lifestyle and has the ability to adapt if needed.

It can also be helpful to inform a neighbor of your location and to give them a backup key just in case you are not able to drive home and you need something important. This could save many troubles if the baby is fussy about things like specific diapers and clothing.

  • Pack extra warm accessories

Babies tend to be cold much sooner than adults and without the right equipment, you might need to offer up your sleeping bag for the baby.


Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies

Much like taking enough beer in your camping cooler, the baby needs to be taken care of and having enough warm clothing and blankets will certainly help you avoid any potential problems.

  • Take separate clothing for the baby to sleep in

Since babies are still young, they are not as adaptable at regulating their own temperatures as adults. Thus, they will sweat up quite a lot and since they cannot be washed, these sweaty clothes will be extremely cold when it starts to cool. By changing the baby’s clothing before it starts chilling, you will avoid the baby cooling down and the baby should remain at normal temperature.

  • Bring toys or something comfortable that your child loves

Babies tend to build attachments with things they really love. For some babies, this could be a blanket while others are attached to their teddies. Whatever your baby feels comfortable with carrying along all day, it is important to include this. Since they will be in an unknown environment, this could help stimulate the trust feeling and help them warm up to the new environment.

  • Ensure the mother is comfortable if she is nursing

Not all mothers do breastfeeding, but since most folks prefer to do it, I have decided to include this tip. Though breastfeeding itself is already quite uncomfortable, it is much worse for mothes to feed their children on the hardened floor of the tent.

To ensure the baby and the mother is happy, it is recommended that you do invest in something comfortable for both of them. For me, a camping cot or a sleeping bag would be ideal for mothers to feed the bay inside the tent. Nothing can be worse on a camping trip than having a grumpy baby and mother to deal with.

  • Carefully select the camping location

The camping location is fundamentally important as well and once you have a favorite location, it can be tempting to keep on going there. However, when camping with your baby for the first time, it will be better if you choose somewhere quiet without a ton of traffic.


Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies



This could startle your child and since the baby is busy adapting, it could potentially prolong the adapting process as well.

  • Include a play mat for the baby

Once you start making the campfire, the baby might not yet be asleep and this will force someone to sit in the tent and entertain them. However, by including a play mat, the baby will be able to enjoy the outdoors and avoid having to play on the sand and the grass. This also enables you all to enjoy the camping trip and your child will feel much more relaxed when surrounded by trusted friends and family.

  • Include multiple snacks for your trip

Babies and especially toddlers tend to be hungry at the most inopportune of times and if you are not prepared to deal with this, you might find yourself with a very upset baby. One of the best things to do is to include snacks in your luggage.

This is especially important when going on hikes with the baby. Since they will be out in nature and the sun will drain energy, a few snacks could keep them at optimal energy levels and perhaps even help them take a nap.

  • Do not stay confined to the camping location

As your baby grows older and turns into a toddler, they will need something to stay entertained and keep them from being bored. By selecting a campsite with many interesting things to keep them busy, you will feel free to enjoy time with your child and they will love the trip even more.


Camping With Babies

Camping With Babies



One thing to keep in mind when camping with a toddler or babies that crawl is to know your plants. Many plants can be dangerous for the baby and poison ivy could potentially even cause death. It is also advisable to always have someone keep an eye on the baby to ensure they are safe.

  • Always remember that the baby is adapting

It is really easy to forget reality when on your camping trip and to slip back into your old habits, but you should definitely keep in mind that the baby is the one adapting and you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Once the baby has adapted and you have been on a couple of camping trips, it will be much easier for you to relax and enjoy the trip yourself.

Are you ready to take your baby camping?

Now that you have somewhat of a better understanding of camping with your baby, it should be easier to make this decision. By following these tips, you should have a smooth camping trip where all the important things have been covered. If you have even gone out camping with your baby, I would love to read your story and the tips that you could share in the comment section below.

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If you’re thinking of spending a fun holiday with your family, the Canary Islands is certainly one to consider. There are so many activities that you can do in the different islands, from parks to beaches to museums, the choices are plentiful. You and your kids will surely enjoy your stay in the islands.

Things to Do with Kids in the Canary Islands

Things to Do with Kids in the Canary Islands

Let’s take a look at ten amazing things to do with kids in the Canary Islands.

1. Theme Parks

There are many theme parks that your family can visit. The Guinate Tropical Park in Lanzarote is home to over a thousand exotic birds. It also has winding paths and beautiful gardens. In Siam Park in Costa Adeje on the island of Tenerife, you can enjoy a huge water park where you can try the raft rides and artificial wave pool. Of course, the white sand beach is never too far away. Another small zoo is the Maroparque in La Palma. The enclosures are spacious, and the gardens are pleasantly landscaped. Lastly, visit the Oasis Park in Fuerteventura where your kids will surely love the different kinds of animals. They can also ride on a camel if they want.

2. Beaches

These beaches all have fine sand that is great for building sandcastles, and they have shallow waters that are perfect for children to swim in. The activities that you can do with your kids include boat rides, pedalos, and beach volleyball. Not very far away are restaurants and ice cream vendors. In Fuerteventura, you can visit Playa del Matorral, Costa Calma, Caleta de Fuste, Muelle Chico, and Corralero Viejo. In Lanzarote, the beaches that you can enjoy are Playa de Castillo, Playa Blanca, and Playa Grande. Gran Canaria boasts Playa Mogan, Playa del Ingles, and Playa de las Canteras. In Tenerife, you can bask in the sun in Las Teresitas, Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas, and Los Cristianos. Lastly, in La Palma where the beaches are not as crowded, you have Charco Azul, Puerto de Tazacorte, and Puerto Naos.

3. Museums

In the islands, there are plenty of museums that your children will have fun while learning the local history. In Museo de la Pirateria in Lanzarote, they can learn about the island’s history with the pirates. In Casa Santa Maria in Fuerteventura, they can learn about the arts, crafts, and folklore of the place. Another museum in Fuerteventura is the Ecomuseo La Alcogida where they can see an agricultural hamlet that has been restored. In Gran Canaria, the Casa-Museo de Colon is a place where the kids can learn about the voyages of Christopher Columbus. For sure they’ll be enthralled with the galleon replica which is very impressive.

4. Medieval Show at Castillo San Miguel, Tenerife

If you want to get away from the busy beaches of Tenerife, this medieval show at Castillo San Miguel is a place to bring your kids. The show combines a hearty dinner, amazing entertainment, and the island’s history. You’ll see knights jousting while you have your medieval banquet. Your kids will feel what it’s like to be in the Middle Ages. The intricate swordplay of the knights will surely amaze your kids.

5. Oasis Park, Fuerteventura

Your kids can get to know the many exotic animals when you visit the Oasis Park in Fuerteventura. You’ll see animals such as lemurs, giraffes, hippos, flamingos, elephants, and so much more. There are also shows featuring parrots, reptiles, birds of prey, and sea lions. The park also boasts of its flora with the botanical gardens. When you get a bit hungry from touring the place, there are restaurants nearby where you can have a snack.

6. Stargazing in Mt. Teide, Tenerife

This activity will make your kids love the study of the heavenly bodies. The stargazing tour in Mt. Teide lasts for forty-five minutes. You’ll be traveling to the center of the Teide National Park with is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Your astronomer guide will assist you in looking for constellations using a long-range telescope. You’ll be able to see the rings of Saturn as well as Jupiter’s many moons. Your kids will be fascinated by the sight of our neighboring stars, planets, and even distant galaxies.

7. Segway Tour, Gran Canaria

The Segway tour is a fun way to get around the most dynamic city in the Canary Islands, the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You can choose either the morning or the afternoon tour. It will be led by a local guide who can teach you about the many fascinating facts and trivia about the city as you ride your Segway. You’ll also get the chance to visit the Las Canteras beach which is arguably one of the best urban beaches in the islands. The tour will also take you to Parque Santa Catalina, The Marina, and Castillo de la Luz.

8. Pirate-themed Photoshoot, Fuerteventura

Your trip with your kids won’t be complete without a fun photo. Complete your experience of the Canary Islands by posing in a pirate-themed photoshoot. There are plenty of costumes and accessories to choose from. Both you and your kids will love it. The background has a treasure chest, cannon, and rudder, making your shoot truly thematic. You can even choose black and white, sepia, or colored photographs. A digital file will also be given to you so you can print out as many copies as you like back at home.

9. Diving in Gran Canaria

This diving program is great for children aged eight and nine. It’s a wonderful way to get your kids into scuba diving. Your kids will be given special scuba diving gear that is fit for their size. Don’t worry about the dive because it will not be any deeper than two meters and will be confined in Puerto de Mogan’s sea bay.

10. Boat Trip Around Papagayo Beach

The five-hour boat trip is an exciting way to get acquainted with some of the best beaches of Lanzarote. You can simply relax and observe the waters. There is also some free time to go kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and other fun aquatic activities your kids will love.


So, what do you think about these activities that you can do with your kids in the Canary Islands? Hopefully, this Canary Islands info has gotten you and your kids all excited to visit the different places on the islands. It will be fun, exciting, and will give you and your family memories that will last a lifetime.

Finding accommodation is perhaps the first consideration that pops into your mind as you start planning your vacation, be it seaside or inland. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, the number of accommodation options seems to have ballooned over the past few years, thanks in part to the continued growth of the global tourism sector. However, these manifold options can make it difficult for you to find and choose the right accommodation, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our top tips and tools to help you find the perfect place for you to rent on your next vacation.


Tips On How To Find The Best Holiday Accommodation For Your Next Vacation

Tips On How To Find The Best Holiday Accommodation For Your Next Vacation


  • Get a head start: Ideally, you should start planning for your spring/ summer vacation around the winter time during February, as that’s usually when all the great accommodation options get snapped up, and it’s also a great time for you to access off-season discounts, which will put more spending money in your pocket during the trip. Booking early will also help you to get a spot in those difficult to book resorts and hotels that you’ve been eyeing, beating all the regulars to the punch.
  • Play the waiting game: On the other hand, there can also be great reward in waiting until the high season to make your booking, as most property owners and agents offer special discounts and rates in a bid to fill their rooms during this time. However, in taking this route it’s important to remember that you’ll be making a calculated risk and you’ll have to remain flexible to what’s available instead of wanting a particular room option that may not be available at that time.
  • Use rental websites: There’s a variety of rental websites that make the booking process very convenient, and may even offer special promotions and getaway discounts in collaboration with travel agents, hotel chains and resorts. You could also try vacant property specialists, for a UK break. This can be cheaper than a hotel in many ways. Just keep in mind that some of these websites do not offer any guarantees, so read through the website and ask questions just so you’re clear on the services being offered. That said most of them do provide comparison tools where you can save certain properties in a ‘wish list’ which then makes it easier to narrow down your options. A few examples of useful vacation rental websites include:

–             AirBnB

–             CarribeanWay


–             Filkey

–             HomeAway

–             iVacationRental

–             Worldwide Locations

–             Villas International


–             Top Villas



–             TripAdvisor

–             Tripping

–             Homestays and Farmstays

–             HolidayPebbes

You can search for any of these on Google and you’ll sure to find accommodation that suits your unique needs.


The Best Holiday Accommodation For Your Next Vacation

The Best Holiday Accommodation For Your Next Vacation


  • Establish your needs: As you search for your ideal holiday accommodation, keep in mind that different properties are suited for different needs. For example, there are certain resorts that are designed for couples only with no children or pets allowed, while others proudly advertise their ‘child and/or pet-friendly status. Similarly, if you’re an avid cooker, you’ll want access to a fully equipped kitchen and perhaps the services of a helpful butler to point you in the right direction towards local shops and supermarkets, while a property with fewer steps or comfortable lifts is ideal when bringing the grandparents with you for a full family vacation.
  • Read your contract carefully: It’s important to have a thorough understanding of what your vacation rental encompasses before you sign on the dotted line. For instance, you’ll want to know what kind of amenities are offered and if they fully cater to you needs, and the same goes for the physical layout of the property and its furnishings; are they to your liking or will you feel uncomfortable with some of the décor arrangements? It’s important to iron out details like these beforehand, and ask questions if necessary so that you don’t get any surprises or end up with a property that is less than what you expected. Reading through online reviews from past customers is also helpful in learning more about the actual experience of staying in the property, including the service, the quality and condition of amenities, as well as its proximity to nearby attractions and transportation options.
  • Luxury villas vs 5 star hotels: Luxury villa rentals continue to grow in popularity when compared with hotels, and it’s not hard to see why. Staying at a luxury villa comes with a myriad of benefits such as privacy, enjoying well-appointed one-of-a-kind properties, having your own private staff including a chef, pool attendant, housekeeper and butler, as well as your own entertainment areas, outdoor pools and much more. The idea of exclusively enjoying these amenities is part of the allure of private luxury villas, as well as the fact that some of these villas are ideally located in secured complexes or enclaves where you can enjoy ultimate relaxation away from the throngs of fellow holidaymakers. On the other hand, a villa is not an ideal option if you’re interested in meeting new people, while hotels present you with the best opportunity to make new friends from all over the world, as you’ll have different neighbours that call the hotel home at the same time as you.

Elena is a prolific and experienced travel writer who truly enjoys what she does. As content consultant for she has a marvellous way of capturing some of the world’s most exclusive destinations with her words, easily bringing them within grasp of the reader’s imagination. When she’s not globe-trotting, you’ll find Elena doing some yoga or walking along the beach with her dogs Max and Emme.

Worried about your family vacation to Greece? Here are the best places to visit in Athens with kids! 

Athens, the cradle of Western civilization and the intellectual beacon of the world, is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in the world, a city high on everyone’s bucket-list, one with a seamless juxtaposition between the traditional and the modern, a city with a frozen-in-time allure only a few other places can match, and one with an endless array of activities. What happens when you finally get the chance to travel to Athens…but your kids are with you? You’ll have no choice but to take them to the best places to visit in Athens for kids.


Athens with kids

Athens with kids


Kids may not be as impressed with the roman ruins of the Acropolis, the grandeur of the Agora, or the mystique of the Temple of Zeus, and luckily for you (and for them!), Athens has a lot to offer to kids, making the trip an overall enjoyable one for everyone. Athens doesn’t just cater to kids with customized special menus in restaurants, or mini-playgrounds hidden in the corner of some district – Athens incorporates kids into many of its monuments and even has entire attractions dedicated to them.  No matter how many days in Athens you’re staying, there will always be room to have activities that include your kids!

So if you are traveling with your kids, there’s no need to fret – here are the best places to visit in Athens with kids!

National Gardens

There is no doubt that you will spend a good chunk of your day walking around the ancient ruins, the historical plazas, and going in and out of museums all day and it’s always nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, even if just for a little while. Your legs, and more importantly – your kids, will thank you! The national gardens with its 24 hectares of vegetation, gardens trees and plants is situated right in the heart of Athens and was created by Friedrich von Gaertner, a famous French architect.

Before sitting down and resting between the greenery and the soothing sounds of the dozens of bird species all melodically singing together, you can walk around the garden with your kids where they will be met with little fairy-tale like ponds with duck and fish where they can try and feed them, take pictures of them or gawk at the animals as they go on with their daily lives. Warning: Your kids may or may not end up chasing the ducks – now don’t say we haven’t warned you! Apart from that, your kids can play in the specifically designed playground with the swings and seesaws.

There’s also a small zoo, the Zappeion Hall, and a conservatory where plants are cultivated before being planted right in the garden.

Your kids, however, will enjoy those two main attractions the most:

  • The Sun Dial The sun dial stands in the middle of the entrance, designed hundreds of years ago before clocks were invented to be able to tell the time. You can teach your kids how to stand in the sun dial, check their hand’s shadows and try to tell the time based on the position of the sun and their shadows. They’ll not only learn a new skill they can impress their friends at school with later on, but it’ll be very fun for you too!
  • The Children’s Library Perched in the middle of the National Gardens is the Children’s Library housed in a previous hunting lodge for king Otto. This library was designed for the sole purpose of entertaining kids, where they can read books, listen to fairytale narrations, listen to music, or paint and create puzzles. While your kids are at the library, you can have a quick cup of coffee in the café nearby.


Museum of Greek Children Art

This entire museum, hosted in Kodrou Street 9, is a place dedicated to the love of art, to the beauty of artistic expression, to creative development and to children’s sense of wonder. The museum stores and showcases artwork done by thousands of children, all aged between 5 and 14 years of age. The main purpose of the Museum of Greek Children Art is to exhibit true displays of artistic creativity, fantasy, color, and to be able to explore the intricate details of children’s mind through having them express themselves through art uniquely, and lastly, it promotes art as an alternative form of education – one that actually intertwines with educational material and school curriculums to create a more varied, unique way of teaching that is supposedly going to help children develop differently and become more creative and expressive.

Your kids will be, for the first time in their lives probably, standing in a museum watching art done by people their age. It will teach them that nothing is impossible, there is nothing called “too young to make it” or “too young to learn”, and that they too can have their artwork displayed on the walls of a museum.

Above all of that, there are drawings created by children from the war, toys from Africa, and drawings from children from different cultures. If you are lucky, there will be a seminar, workshop or exhibition that you can attend a direct part of, or you can attend a competition where children get to compete in a variety of artistic activities.

After you’re done, head over to the Gift Shop which offers a large collection of books, postcards, games, souvenirs and much more.

Cost: 3 EUR

Hellenic Children Museum

Enclosed in a neoclassical building in Plaka, the Hellenic children Music has a variety of exhibits with the sole purpose of teaching. Here, kids don’t just come to watch and admire art, they don’t come just to play, and they don’t come just to learn – it’s a perfect between all three that will shape who they are, how they think, and how they live. It allows kids a chance of discovery of the world and will help broaden their knowledge – even for just a little while.

Top Exhibitions To Check Out:

Hello Pythagoras – This is where your kids learn about the dreaded geometry where they can play different games that will help them grasp the difficulty mathematical problems.

Toy Store  – A huge collection of innovative games.

Bubble room  Here, the children learn how to handle water, what atoms it’s made up of and then get to create huge bubbles and learn how to make a shape with them.

The Market Shops are turned into smaller sized samples to help children learn how to deal with external, real-life situations. So for example, the “market” consists of a Bakery, a Pharmacy and a Butchers shop.

The Attic – We have phones, pictures, and probably proof of how we lived back in the days, but children have yet to experience the feeling of “going back in time” by looking at old everyday objects. This room tries to open up the eyes of children to the possibility of having different shaped objects many years ago.

Factory The factory teaches children all about mass production.


Attica Zoological

What better way to please your kids than going to a zoo? All children love animals, and all children love the thrill that comes with visiting a place so filled with different animal species all ready to be explored. The Attica zoo has over 2000 animals from 350 different species, and all considerations for safety are taken.

Your kids will be able to temporarily go on a journey through five different continents by visiting the animals unique to every country – we’re talking African Savannahs mirroring with white lions, alligators, jaguars, leopards and a lot more.

The zoo tries as much as possible to incorporate entertainment and fun with education, and so each exhibit has a small documentation about the animal’s characteristics.  

The most important animal collections:

  • The World of Reptiles
  • The African Savannah
  • The Cheetah Land and Monkey Forest here, kids can learn about monkeys and cheetahs by getting extremely close to them.
  • The Bird Collection – The third largest bird collection in the world.
  • Greek Fauna – Wolves, bears, foxes…etc

Cost: Adult 18 euros.

Children 3-12: 14 euros.


Kids are filled with a sense of wonder, and the best way to work on it to feed that sense of wonder even more. Since the beginning of time, humans have always been fascinated by outer space, the skies, the stars, the notion that there is something so much bigger and vaster than us up there, and kids are no exception. The Planetarium houses a 950-sq-meter dome which will take you and your kids to trips through the galaxy, in addition to screening IMAX movies and shows.

It is considered the largest digital planetarium in the world, and the 280 seats available are all equipped with units that help complete the experience and make it as genuine and authentic as possible. You sit on of the chairs, and you can watch the real-time images of the galaxies and the skies above.

There are many other rooms where kids get the chance to learn about complex chemistry and physics notions that will test their imagination and awareness.

Top Exhibits:

  • The Living Planet – an entire presentation on plants, trees, vegetation..etc. all with animated characters to cater perfectly to kids.
  • Tales of the Sky – Stories of the stars and constellations.
  • Ancient Skies – A journey through space, by visiting the skies of ancient Egypt and its monuments.
  • The Mystery of Life – How earth and all creatures began on earth.
  • Evolution – An explanation of the theory of evolution.


Adult: 6-8 euros

Children: 4-5 euros

Allou Fun Park

It’s almost impossible to find a kid who is not intrigued and wildly passionate about amusement parks. Sure, they might be scared of a ride or two, but amusement parks are the perfect place to go to, to get the excitement running and the adrenaline rushing for you and your kids!

Head over to the Allou Fun Park for a day filled with adventure, games, laughs and most definitely a lot of screams.

Top Attractions

– The Shock Tower  – be prepared to get dropped from a height of 450 meters.

The Panorama – The panorama is a large Ferris wheel that boasts incredible panoramic vistas of the entire city of Athens.

– Kingdom Fun Park – If your kids are under 12 years old, this park is the perfect place for them with rides catered solely for their needs.


The list above tries to help incoming problems by incorporating kids into the day-to-day travel activities, instead of dragging them around to historical and ancient monuments in Athens. You won’t be going to useless kids attractions. However, most of the places listed above carry an advantage for your kid’s mental health, and they will most definitely come out of this experience having learned something new!

Don’t hesitate to tell us your opinion in the comment below, or share if you like the article!

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Traveling with kids can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you are traveling by plane. You have to organize every little detail and think proactively if you have done it before, you know how things can go south. When traveling in India, from one town to another it would be smart to choose some reliable budget-friendly company, company that can answer your request, and traveling with your family has a lot of questions and requests, so be careful.

Traveling with kids

Traveling with kids

One pleasant experience can be traveling by go air airlines. Based in Mumbai, with a fleet of 27 carriers this company travels in 23 cities in India, every day, and it takes a large bite of the Indian air travel market, and when traveling with family, bear in mind that this company is the receiver of the ‘Best Operational Excellence Award’ from Airbus, and that prize was won three times in a row at the A320 family seminar! Booking is as easy as with any other non-low budget company, normally you would want to book the tickets on-line, do the check-in online, and print the tickets in advance. It is the usual practice, 48 hours before your flight you can check-in, and make sure you arrive at the terminal at least 45 minutes earlier. Because you are traveling with your kids, make this window a bit more open, make it two hours prior to your flight.

Plan your baggage according to your budget, because only 7 kg of cabin baggage is permitted, and for a nominal fee you can add 15 kg of checked baggage per ticket. Ok, kids do not need a lot of baggage, backpacking is also an interesting way to entertain your kids, but for a longer stay, don’t hide your wallet, spend some to get many benefits of easy tripping.

One thing when doing a family trip is priority boarding, and this should not be optional, it should be mandatory, or, if your kids are always patient and polite, you can wait at the gate, still, good luck with that. Anybody who has waited at the gate for more than half an hour knows that kids are as patient as one would want them to be. Just a friendly advice, don’t save money on this one.

Depending on the time you’ll spend on board, have a plan for a meal and refreshments. GoAir offers their passenger water on board since it is not allowed to carry more than 100 ml of any liquids after a security check. For a short flight, the pre-packed nuts and cookies will do just fine, but a longer flight uses the pre-book a meal option, and just from a wide array of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain snacks, and you should believe it, it is worth it. Nobody knows what the best food for your child is, and only you can know what is safe and what is not, so check the menu carefully, because it can be a bit difficult to change the menu onboard since you are 10000 meters above any other restaurant.

Booked it, check-in, pre-book a meal, take the priority check-in and you are set to go! Even if you don’t know where to go, don’t worry, just go on the site, and choose any destination in India, surely you will find the place you seek. Another smart option from GoAir is the benefits of traveling with their company, and that is discounts, from restaurants to hotels to rent-car services, they are all offered while booking your ticket, and most of the time, the offers are much cheaper than searched yourself.

With all this in mind, pack your bags and enjoy your trip. If you follow most of the suggestions made above, your kids will appreciate the effort, and it will save you time and nerves, and possible therapy.