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Family trip in India

Traveling with kids can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you are traveling by plane. You have to organize every little detail and think proactively if you have done it before, you know how things can go south. When traveling in India, from one town to another it would be smart to choose some reliable budget-friendly company, company that can answer your request, and traveling with your family has a lot of questions and requests, so be careful.

Traveling with kids

Traveling with kids

One pleasant experience can be traveling by go air airlines. Based in Mumbai, with a fleet of 27 carriers this company travels in 23 cities in India, every day, and it takes a large bite of the Indian air travel market, and when traveling with family, bear in mind that this company is the receiver of the ‘Best Operational Excellence Award’ from Airbus, and that prize was won three times in a row at the A320 family seminar! Booking is as easy as with any other non-low budget company, normally you would want to book the tickets on-line, do the check-in online, and print the tickets in advance. It is the usual practice, 48 hours before your flight you can check-in, and make sure you arrive at the terminal at least 45 minutes earlier. Because you are traveling with your kids, make this window a bit more open, make it two hours prior to your flight.

Plan your baggage according to your budget, because only 7 kg of cabin baggage is permitted, and for a nominal fee you can add 15 kg of checked baggage per ticket. Ok, kids do not need a lot of baggage, backpacking is also an interesting way to entertain your kids, but for a longer stay, don’t hide your wallet, spend some to get many benefits of easy tripping.

One thing when doing a family trip is priority boarding, and this should not be optional, it should be mandatory, or, if your kids are always patient and polite, you can wait at the gate, still, good luck with that. Anybody who has waited at the gate for more than half an hour knows that kids are as patient as one would want them to be. Just a friendly advice, don’t save money on this one.

Depending on the time you’ll spend on board, have a plan for a meal and refreshments. GoAir offers their passenger water on board since it is not allowed to carry more than 100 ml of any liquids after a security check. For a short flight, the pre-packed nuts and cookies will do just fine, but a longer flight uses the pre-book a meal option, and just from a wide array of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain snacks, and you should believe it, it is worth it. Nobody knows what the best food for your child is, and only you can know what is safe and what is not, so check the menu carefully, because it can be a bit difficult to change the menu onboard since you are 10000 meters above any other restaurant.

Booked it, check-in, pre-book a meal, take the priority check-in and you are set to go! Even if you don’t know where to go, don’t worry, just go on the site, and choose any destination in India, surely you will find the place you seek. Another smart option from GoAir is the benefits of traveling with their company, and that is discounts, from restaurants to hotels to rent-car services, they are all offered while booking your ticket, and most of the time, the offers are much cheaper than searched yourself.

With all this in mind, pack your bags and enjoy your trip. If you follow most of the suggestions made above, your kids will appreciate the effort, and it will save you time and nerves, and possible therapy.

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