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5 Family Activities in Las Vegas

It’s been a long time since I was last in Las Vegas and as a 21 year old my perspective on what was fun is completely different now that I have two young children. When I was there in 1998 the hotels and casinos were amazing places to visit and just enjoy the atmosphere.

By nature I am a pretty cautious guy. I don’t normally like to gamble away my hard earned cash but on this particular night my mate and I decided to lay a few dollars on the table. Being a relatively broke traveller I told myself I could spend $20 and play while that money lasts. After an hour I was up to $40 on blackjack. That’s when the free drinks started to kick in. A short or long while later (I really don’t remember so I am assuming a short while later) that $40 was all gone. Although one of the most lame stories you have every heard it is my one and only gambling story. But I am sure that if when I do eventually head back to Las Vegas I will certainly need to think up some things to do with the family.

Here are 5 things to do in Las Vegas with your family.

Soak up the Atmosphere of the Strip

I have to say there is nothing like the atmosphere of reckless abandonment or probably more appropriately termed drunken merriment. Just walking down the Strip in the early evening was awesome fun. Given you’ll probably have the kids in bed at a half decent hour you are unlikely to see anything too weird or scary that you don’t want your kids to see.


The 5.5 acre Adventuredome is America’s largest indoor theme park and features thrill rides, traditional carnival rides, laser tag, miniature golf, bumper cars, midway booths, an arcade, clown shows and so much more. You can ride all day for about $27.00 or even less if your under 48 inches tall.

The Aquarium at the Silverton

The free aquarium at Silverton Casino is said to be one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas. The 117,000 gallon aquarium is home to over 4000 species of tropical fish, sharks and stingrays.

CSI: The Experience

For the older kids or the adult wannabe crime investigator MGM Grand’s CSI: The Experience would be great fun. With 3 murders, 15 lab stations, 15 suspects, 3 killers you’ll be sure to have a great time solving the murder. Ticket prices $28 (exclusive of taxes/fees) & $21 children (4-11) – CSI: The Experience is recommended for ages 12+ though.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and is over a mile deep in places. While the specific geologic processes and timing that formed the Grand Canyon are the subject of debate by geologists, recent evidence suggests the Colorado River established its course through the canyon at least 17 million years ago. Since that time, the Colorado River continued to erode and form the canyon to its present-day configuration. Visiting the Grand Canyon would be a must if I was to visit Las Vegas again.

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