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Explore The World’s Largest and Tallest in Dubai

Family is a top priority in Dubai, making it an ideal spot to travel with your own. You will see breathtaking sites and enjoy all of the best vacation activities that you can find around the world in one place. From indoor ski slopes to beaches and massive waterparks, your family will enjoy every minute in Dubai

Dubai is also the home of many of the world’s largest. Find a comfortable place to stay for your family holiday in Dubai and then get ready to explore many of the unique spots around the country.

World’s Largest Mall

Located in Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Mall is the largest (total area) mall in the world. It features 1,200 shops, a 250-room luxury hotel, 22 movie screens, an Olympic-size ice rink and 120 dining options. You could spend an entire day exploring the massive mall and there is a good chance that you won’t discover it all.

World’s Largest Acrylic Panel

Also located in the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It is here that you can see the world’s largest acrylic panel- 32.88 m wide and 8.3 m high. Behind that panel is 10 million liters of water and more than 33,000 marine animals. You will love watching the sea life behind this huge window and also taking a stroll down the shark tunnel for a closer look at the stunning creatures. 

Dubai Mall Aquariam

World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is an art gallery painted with nature. It is the world’s largest natural flower garden featuring more than 45 million blooms across 72,000 square meters. The newly-opened garden is also vying for another Guinness record spot for its flower wall. The garden is open only part of the year, from October through the end of May, before the summer heat starts.

World’s Largest Ferris Wheel

It’s still under construction, but in 2015, Dubai plans to unveil the world’s largest Ferris wheel. The “Dubai Eye” will be 690 feet tall, almost 250 feet taller than the London Eye. It is being constructed as part of the Bluewaters Island project, an artificial island being created to attract even more tourists to Dubai. It will feature shopping and entertainment.

World’s Tallest Building

The Burj Khalifa (Khalifa tower) is a skyscraper in Dubai that was named the world’s tallest man-made structure at 829.8 meters located in Downtown Dubai. The structure is a breathtaking site to behold and should not be missed while you are visiting.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai is filled with amazing sites and exciting activities. The whole family will be talking about your Dubai holiday for many years to come.

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