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The Necessary Balance for a Successful Family Trip

When traveling with a family, you’re left with more things to consider. From prices to sleeping arrangements after following through on a very carefully constructed itinerary, it is a challenging, but deeply rewarding experience. Providing the opportunity for your children to see the world is something they will certainly thank you for later, but for now, it’s about finding that balance of practicality and the “wow” factor that will keep smiles on their faces. One such destination that has provided an answer to these questions for decades is beautiful Hawaii, which is where we’ll find ourselves for this set of family-friendly travel tips.

Accommodations They Can Call Home

The first step towards a successful stay is finding a suitable and affordable place to call home–someplace where you as adults know you’ll be able to relax that also provides ample amounts of activities close by for the kids. One thing that can turn a trip into a headache is long travel days, and choosing a central location can make a tremendous difference on the overall tone of your vacation. When visiting Oahu, Waikiki provides endless fun, and as such, should be the first place you look for a base. With the beach, nightlife, and cultural highlights all within walking distance, places like the Aqua Waikiki Pearl are sure to keep you and your family going for the long run.

Cultural Examples All Can Appreciate

Traveling is about kicking back and letting it all go, but depending on where you decide to spend your vacation, doing your due diligence and brushing up on the local culture will increase your satisfaction all the more. Every destination is going to have some form of cultural activity that is fun for the whole family; from the traditional dance and cuisine of Hawaii being put on display at a family luau, to going on a walk through the Bishop Museum, filled to the brim with exhibits that make history and science fun, with a little bit of research, you and your group will have plenty to discuss on the trip back home.

Give Them Schoolyard Fodder

If your kids are perhaps a bit too young to enjoy the prospect of learning more about the cultural relevancy and history of a destination, one way to really get them ready is to explain some of the unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventures they’ll be able to enjoy. In the case of Hawaii, going on a submarine tour of the bottom of the ocean may be one such activity, or perhaps heading to North Shore to watch some surfing will suit their fancies. This way, they can explain to their friends at school just how cool their summer vacation was, and how they can’t wait until the next one for more stories to pass on!

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