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Mobile Jobs You Can Do On the Road

Working on the road is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar rooted jobs. What if you didn’t have to quit your job or close up your business to hit the highway for an extended journey across the country — or even the world. Let’s explore our top picks for three mobile jobs you can do on the road and where to find them.


Writing and Blogging

If you’re creative and have exceptional writing skills, copywriting and editing can be a great gig on the road. Flexjobs is an excellent resource for finding work-from-the-road writing jobs. Take the time to thoroughly study the hiring company’s guidelines and prepare for the inevitable testing process. Embrace the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a quality sample of your work. To ensure you are keeping all your work with you you may want to look into some form of online storage such as asset bank. This will eliminate the need to carry a laptop around with you as you can access your documents from any device as long as you have internet.

Make sure to have a stellar resume ready to submit to prospective companies. Even if you don’t have formal blogging experience, cater your resume to one or two of your strong points, and always highlight your accomplishments over job descriptions. Clear headings and selectively incorporated bullets will guide your reader’s eye to important points that may help you land a contract.

Take Your Business on the Road

Managing a small business’s growth is a challenge for any entrepreneur, especially those that want to make a living on the move. Nomadic geeks are building iPhone apps, running computer-based businesses like website development, and trading stocks from anywhere they choose.

The theory is that with just a laptop and an internet connection, wandering workers can realize their dream of earning a living while trekking the country. However, it’s vital that your business has all the tools you need in place to manage operations remotely before you take your company with you on the road. And with some useful tools, like for example a performance management system, you can refine every aspect of your firm’s performance, especially on client work.

If you have a passion for sales, you can run an import/export business for a tidy profit without a lot of educational requirements. If you’ve got a wide range of skills from accounting to photography, websites like Freelancer.com let you bid on a variety of jobs that perfectly complement your journey.

House- and Pet-Sitting

Having a place to land when you travel the globe is essential, even for the most road-hardened operative. Consider house sitting as a way to cut costs and put a little mullah in your pocket. While you might not earn enough to pay all of your bills, house-sitting takes hotel costs out of your travel budget. Online resources like TrustedHousesitters offer a way to find house- and pet-sitting opportunities.

People all over are looking for qualified pet sitters to stay in their homes. From Hawaii to Belgium, there are plenty of opportunities to work your way across the planet. Pet sitting may require insurance, and you still need a passport and maybe a visa when traveling abroad, so do your research before you pack your bags.

A new generation of workers has risen, and they’re looking for a fulfilling lifestyle full of real possibilities. Mobile jobs are an excellent asset to have when planning your long-term goals, and an earn-as-you-go plan adds an exciting element to your cross-country adventure.

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