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Planning a Potential Trip to Honduras? 3 Kid-Friendly Cities and Spots to Check Out

Telling friends and family you want to travel to the likes of Honduras might raise a few eyebrows.

“Why would you want to go to Central America? Would you bring the kids, too?”

There are of course going to be inherent security concerns for any international trip but as long as you do your homework and stick to the right spots, you’ll be fine.

Listen: you shouldn’t let anyone talk you out of your next awesome family vacation.

Maybe you’re just looking for something off the beat and path. Perhaps you’ve been sending remittance payments to Honduras and want to introduce your kiddos to your family’s homeland. Either way, you totally shouldn’t count out a Central America trip as part of your travel plans.

Despite popular belief, there are tons of family friendly spots in Honduras which attract tons of tourists every year. We’ve provided a glimpse of some of the absolute best cities to bring your kids on vacation. Whether you’re just looking to relax, enjoy nature or take some epic family hikes, Honduras has you covered.


Although Copan itself is relatively small, this famed site boasting a myriad of Mayan ruins represents the main attraction of the country at large. There’s no shortage of sculptures to see and hikes to take along the way, but make a point to…


Copan, Hondurasa

Copan, Hondurasa


  • See the Copan Ruins, including sculptures and wall carvings at the site’s epic amphitheater
  • Visit the Macaw Mountain Bird Park, where kids can get up close and personal with toucans and other exotic birds
  • Marvel at the Hieroglyphic Stairway, perhaps the ultimate sight to behold within the ruins


If you’re looking for a classic island experience, look no further. Another tourist hotspot, Roatan is the perfect place for beach-going families and those who aren’t afraid to get into the water. In addition to watersports and the island’s numerous gardens, here are some other ways you and your kids can turn your trip to Roatan into a true adventure:


Roatan, Hondurasa

Roatan, Hondurasa


  • Go on a ziplining adventure, perfect for beginners and nature lovers as many courses on the island allow you to spot wild monkeys
  • Hit up West Bay Beach, great for snorkeling or just walking on the white sugar sands
  • Experience Gumbalimba Park, a must-see for animal lovers, this spot boasts sloths, parrots and monkeys to name a few

La Cieba

This port city promotes itself as the tourism capital of Honduras. La Cieba’s natural parks, wildlife refuges and beautiful beaches speak for themselves, with any of the following activities representing great ways to spend your time while you’re in town:

  • Marvel at the Rio Cangrejal, the shore of which represents some of the best hiking in Honduras
  • Snorkeling at Cayos Cochinos, boasting crystal clear waters which are perfect for dolphin-watching
  • Take a ferry ride, a great way to unwind with your kiddos and see the water at a relaxed pace

While you have every right to be concerned about safety, bear in mind that tons of tourists visit Honduras with their kids. If you have your heart set on Honduran adventure, simply look into any of the above spots which are family friendly and a total blast to see firsthand.

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