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7 Must Have Gadgets in Every Family Home

As we begin life in 2018, we are starting to see more and more gadgets available to us, with an increase of gadgets being incorporated into the family home. 2018 is looking to be an even bigger year for technology therefore, we’ve decided to put together a list of gadgets every family home should have this year.


Must Have Gadgets in Every Family Home

Must Have Gadgets in Every Family Home



Portable Air Conditioner

Although this is something you may take with you when moving house, a Portable air conditioner is something that will really beneficial to have around the house. With the majority of houses without fitted air conditioner units in the UK, a portable AC will ensure that wherever you go around the house, you will stay cool! Why not visit Gear Hungry and check out this portable AC unit reviews here. If you have a browse through the pros & cons, you’ll easily be able to find one you like!

Robotic Hoover

With a lot of people working long hours 5 days a week and spending their weekends socialising with friends and family, a lot of people don’t have time to do some household chores. However, with a robotic hoover, you are able to ensure the hoovering gets done regularly without having to manually do it. This product is able to connect to your home’s WiFi and is controlled entirely from its companion Android and iOS apps which handle to scheduling. The on-board camera is able to collect a list of landmarks around the house to help map the layout of your home. Therefore, you don’t even need to be home to get the hoovering done. No one really liked hoovering the house anyway, so be sure to get your hands on one of these.

Smart Thermostat

Due to the unpredictable British weather, your thermostat needs to adjust accordingly many times throughout the day. However, the majority of people aren’t able to alter their thermostat because they are at work or are out of the house, therefore spending more money on heating bills than necessary. However, with the introduction of a smart thermostat, this is no longer a problem. The Ecobee4 Alexa-Enables Smart thermostat is an extension from your home’s temperature control system that doubles as yet another voice control hub. Making it a must have product for every household.

Samsung Washing Machine

Nobody wants to wait for the laundry to finish. That’s why, with the new Samsung QuickDrive washer, it promises to wash a load in just 39 minutes without using more water or energy! It also has an AddWash door so that you can add more to your load during the wash.

George Foreman Grill

George Foreman is a very recognised name nowadays, however it’s hard to believe that a number of households still don’t own a George Foreman grill! The grills produced by George Foreman are an excellent toll for cooking a range of different foods and takes little time to heat up. The slight forward tilt allows fat to fall into the drip tray, making it easily to clean up after use.

Smart Fridge

With its three built-in cameras, Wi-Fi and tablet, Samsung’s latest fridge offers everything you need and more in your kitchen appliance. The fridge includes a 21.5” touchscreen that allows you to stream your favourite music, TV and film from your Home TV or phone. The fridge has built in 5 Watt speaker that can keep the whole room entertained whilst you’re cooking your meals. The three cameras allow you to look inside your fridge wherever you are in the world, and you can see how empty your fridge is as you’ll never be able to fill all 550 Litres of it. So, the next time you go shopping, if you are unsure whether or not you have a certain product in your fridge, you can check!

Smart Lights

From smart plugs to smart thermostats, everything these days has a “smart” option for you to consider buying. This is no exception. If you want the most innovate and latest lights, then make sure you invest in smart lights.

Smart lights are able to connect to your phone and your Wi-Fi, making them controllable from the comfort of your phone. You are also able to change the colour of your lights to suit your mood. You can even set up schedules for them to turn on and off, meaning you don’t even need to move from your seat to turn off the light!

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