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Travelling With Babies

Travelling with babies

Badly in need of a vacation but unsure about whether to take your toddler along or not? We hear you! Sure as hell, the thought of vacationing with the newest and the youngest family member is probably as exciting as it is scaring! But trust us, it is not as terrifying and difficult traveling with babies as it seems. It is just a matter of planning and packing smart. We have compiled a list of tricks and hacks to make travel planning easier with your little munchkins.


travelling with newborn

travelling with newborn


Tips for a safe and a hassle-free vacation with babies-

  • Keep your baby engrossed in activities and toys

To keep your child calm and stop him from getting bored and crappy, make sure that you carry an ample number of games, activities and his favorite toys with you.

  • Dress babies in proper clothing

Keep in mind the temperatures in your mode of transport as well as the weather of the destination you are heading to while dressing your baby for the journey.

  • Schedule your trips around your child’s sleep time

By planning a journey around your kid’s nap time, you will have the best possible hope of warranting that your little one does not cause any disturbances to your fellow travelers and has a comfortable journey.

  • Pack your stuff properly

While traveling with your baby, you cannot afford to forget or misplace anything related to them. So, it is of utmost importance to make a list and pack in advance. Also, for you to have your hands free while journeying with the kid, it is crucial that all the necessary belongings are well-packed into compartments in a way that you can easily find them when needed.

  • Time your feeding slots properly

Everyone knows that hungry babies are the crankiest. So, plan your journey timings in such a way that you can feed the baby at regular intervals.


Travel with baby

Travel with baby


Best places to vacation with babies-

  • Beaches

There is no place better to indulge in a great time with babies than at the sunny beaches. The soft sands and the warm waters are a perfect way to ensure that your tiny tots enjoy to their heart’s content. Just be sure to keep an eye on them always and do not forget to pack loads of baby-friendly sunscreen and hats for your little one.

  • All-inclusive resorts

Booking a suite at an all-inclusive resort is the safest and the most hassle-free way to have a lovely stay with your toddlers. With almost all activities and meals included, you won’t have to worry about venturing out of the resort with your babies unless you feel like doing so. Most of these places provide babyproofing services, thus assuring you of a worry-free vacation with your kiddies.

  • Vacation Rentals

House and apartment rentals allow you to spread out, and give baby plenty of open, safe space to play. A lot of these homes are great for children, because they include a washer and dryer (for any spills and accidents), and fully stocked kitchens (if you like to make baby’s food). You have all the comfort of home, which will help your little one feel cozy and at home too, which will make for a wonderful trip. Area specific rental sites such as CasaGo in Phoenix, Arizona, or Aruba Villa Vacation Homes in Aruba can offer you wonderful deals.

  • Cruises

While many parents might be skeptical about taking their tiny tots out in the open sea on a cruise, trust us, it is a great option for vacationing with kids without losing sleep. It is just a matter of choosing the right cruise for an excursion; while most cruises are family-friendly, there are some cruises, like the Disney cruise or the Bahamas cruise that are equipped to cater to especially small kids and babies. Replete with animated characters, family-friendly movies, shows and loads of entertaining games and activities, these cruises are ideal for traveling with babies.

  • Theme Parks

There are oodles of toddler-friendly theme parks around the globe which make for a wonderful getaway with infants. With many of these places involving baby spas, kid-friendly restaurants, tot-friendly rides, and various cartoon characters, you can rest assured that a visit to these theme parks would be entertaining for you as well as your little ones. Plan a vacation to a theme park to have a memorable day out with your tiny ones!

  • Popular Tourist Cities

Exploring the bustling urban setting with your toddlers is an ideal option for families with babies because most of the popular tourist cities are abuzz with attractions that cater to those below the age group of five years. From aquariums to gardens, from play areas to shows and from baby-friendly food joints to kid-friendly public transport hubs, you will not face any problems whenever you are traveling in big cities with babies.


Traveling with a kids

Traveling with a kids


Spots to avoid when traveling with babies-

  • Camping

Though there is no greater joy than camping for outdoorsy people, dragging your infants with you to the camping spots is not such a great idea. With primitive conditions, ample bugs and insects and minimal sanitation provisions, camping with your kiddos is a risky option.

  • Hiking

Embarking upon an arduous hike through the rugged terrain is highly inadvisable when traveling with infants. Not only will you end up endangering the safety of your munchkins, but you will also add to your work by carrying them around while hiking.

  • Any place which involves a non-stop journey of more than 6 hours

It is very tough to make the babies stay in one place, in the same position, for hours together. They are bound to get ratty and whiney as the journey time increases. To dodge such difficulties, avoid planning non-stop journeys of more than 6 hours.

  • Bed-and-Breakfast Places

BnBs are undisputedly the most economical and easiest accommodation options while traveling but they are not of much use when it comes to vacationing with babies. These places are not baby-friendly and will not be able to provide you with all the essential amenities. Plus, due to the close placement of rooms, it might be problematic if the baby starts crying as it is sure to disturb the other occupants.

  • Exotic destinations

Exotic destinations like South American and African countries are a strict no-no while traveling with tiny tots because of the strict immunization and vaccination pre-requisites of these countries. It is probably not worth the stress and the pain the babies are subjected to with these procedures.


Travelling with infants

Travelling with infants


Checklist of items which are a must while travelling with babies-

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Blankets
  4. Baby’s favorite toys
  5. Baby food
  6. Feeding kit
  7. Baby medications
  8. Heaps of extra clothing
  9. Disposable bags for used wipes and diapers
  10. A baby changing station
  11. Sanitizer
  12. Baby’s identification and travel documents

So, it’s easy right? A little preparation and planning for the travel adventure are all it takes to have a fun-filled holiday with your little ones!

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