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Benefits of Using Polyurethane RV Roof Sealant

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/OunfEeWYGmw

A roof sealant, which is also called roof coating, is a type of sealing material made of acrylic, silicone, rubber, or polyurethane. These roof sealants are applicable to roof surfaces made of different materials. A roof sealant helps to extend the roof’s life, save energy, and reduce the cold and heat caused by a damaged roof.

Polyurethane or simply urethane roof coating is one of the industry’s most durable and strongest elastomeric coatings.

Advantages of polyurethane roof coating

Polyurethane roof coating comes in two types – aromatic and aliphatic. Each type is recommended for specific applications and roofing environments.

Aromatic polyurethane coating is not as UV stable as aliphatic polyurethane coating. It is less expensive and often used more as a base coat.

The aliphatic polyurethane coating is UV stable, resists dirt pick up, and holds color longer. With these properties, this type of RV roof coating is often used as a topcoat. The product is preferred because it stays cleaner. However, it is also more expensive.

Flexible and durable

If you are looking for a strong coating to ensure the stability, durability, flexibility, and strength of your RV roof, using a polyurethane material, such as the RV roof coating from Durabak, will be a good choice. Applying the product to your RV roof adds a very strong layer of protection that will help the RV roof endure the daily contraction and expansion of the roof due to the weather, as well as withstand ponding water’s damaging effects.

Polyurethane roof coating makes the RV roof more resistant to impact compared to other roof coating materials.

Better adhesion

Many roof-coating products are available but many do not last long because they peel off. Superior adhesion is one of the prime qualities of polyurethane roof coating. It can be applied to single-ply membranes, TPO, EPDM, and even on the concrete roof deck, spray polyurethane foam, built-up roofs, modified bitumen, and metal.

UV resistance

The coating is more stable in resisting UV rays because it is highly reflective. These properties help reduce energy costs and extend the life of the roof.


As always, there are always pros and cons. While polyurethane roof coating is a superior product, there are still disadvantages, although they are not too detrimental.

Polyurethane roof coating is more expensive than acrylic roof coating. The most expensive, however, is the silicone roof coating. But consider this – despite the price difference, polyurethane RV roof coating is more durable than the other two types, and it is also more resistant to impact.

Another disadvantage is its strong odor. The installer should wear the proper safety gear when using the product. Moreover, it requires at least two coats, which increases the application time.

When it comes to protecting your investment, you have to protect everything. The roof of an RV is essential, as it protects everything that is beneath it. Using the right polyurethane roof coating ensures that you protect not only the roof but the entire vehicle.

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