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10 Fun Things To Do with Kids in London

London – a city for fashion, celebrity spotting, sports, shopping labels and big days out. But one more thing that London can offer us is a wonderful place for kids to explore, be educated and enjoy. Children of all ages can visit London and be wowed. Here are just some ideas for keeping the kids amused in this fantastic city:

Let’s first take a trip outdoors. When the weather decides to behave, there is so much to do outside in the city.

Cycling in London

There are great areas of London available to enjoy by bike. Right in the centre of London, you’ll find lots of parks like Hyde Park. Known for roller skating especially, this park gives ample space for kids to enjoy the fresh air on wheels.

Further afield there are many other great areas for cycling. The largest green space around the area is Epping Forest, which originally served as a royal hunting ground in Tudor times. There are around nine wooded and trails for enjoying some cycling.


Enjoy London by bike

Enjoy London by bike – Image source: Flickr

Why we love it: It’s free and it gets kids off their iPads and outdoors instead

Parks in London

There are so many children parks in London that it’s hard to pinpoint one specifically. However the giant slides in Victoria Park, which are located on the east side of Victoria Park, offer amazing slides, climbing equipment and sand play (as well as a pool in the summer). There is also a skatepark there which older children might enjoy.


Parks in London

Parks in London – Image source: https://flic.kr/p/4P1EHa

Why we love it: There’s a lot to do in one place; it’s clean and well kept; it’s also free.

Pond Dipping in London

Why not consider pond dipping at Camley Street Natural Park? You’ll find two acres of countryside north of St Pancras called Camley Street Natural Park. It has been made from an old coal yard and sits on the Regent’s Canal. Not only will you spot some lovely nature here, but you can get away from the hustle and bustle of London life very quickly.


Camley Street Natural Park London

Camley Street Natural Park London – Image source: https://flic.kr/p/otfSBc

Why we love it: It’s a piece of countryside in the middle of a busy city. And it’s free…

Next, we look at some attractions in London that are perfect for children who are animal lovers.

London Zoo

One of the most obvious places for kids to enjoy the sights and sounds of animals is ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park. Not only are there plenty of animals to look at, but there are also lots of daily activities which allow families to get close to the wildlife itself. It even has a Zoo Academy for the kids, which is a two-day course that involves games, as well as challenges and trails which are all supported by the educated zoo staff. It comes at a price though – around £250.


London Zoo

London Zoo – Image source: https://flic.kr/p/a3wmCa

Why we love it: It offers kids a chance to see exotic animals up close; it’s also great for adults to enjoy.

Clissold Park London

Clissord Park is great for summer days in London with the kids. You may catch a glimpse of deer, goats and chickens, as well as the cockatiels, finches, lovebirds and parakeets in the aviary.


Clissold Park London

Clissold Park London – Image source: https://flic.kr/p/ASqD1h

Why we love it: It’s free and provides all-round family fun.

See the lemurs at Golders Hill Park Zoo

At this zoo, you can meet the ring-tailed lemurs, as well as play in the safe play areas. There’s even a cafe for mum and dad to enjoy a coffee. You’ll see kookaburras, a ring-tailed coati and lemurs.

Why we love it: It doesn’t carry the zoo price tag, in fact, it’s free.

London Aquarium

More into sea creatures than land mammals? Head over to the London Aquarium and you’ll see turtles, sharks, sea dragons and even penguins. There are 14 zones, all with individual themes, for you to enjoy. There’s even a chance to feed the stingrays at certain times in the Ray Lagoon.

It is £23.50 for an adult though, £16.95 for under-16s, and free for under-3s.

Why we love it: It’s well kept and smoothly run. It’s updated each year so you can go back time and time again. It’s also perfect for all ages.

After seeing some animals, you may feel you want to experience something a bit different with the kids. Here, we look at museums and other unusual attractions which you might want to take the children to.

Warner Bros Studio

What’s great about this experience is that it was actually the studio location for a lot of the filming of the Harry Potter movies, so you can feel right in the action when you visit. Some of the sets even remain open to the public, perfect for Harry Potter fans. For the creative or technical among us, you can also have a look into the production of the films and learn a little about filmmaking. You can visit Platform 9¾, and even board the Hogwarts Express steam engine.

It comes at a price though – £33 for an adult, £25.50 for under-16s, and free for under-4s

Why we love it: Rarely are we given the opportunity to see inside a film set like this – especially on a major production like Harry Potter. Great for kids and adults alike.

The Chocolate Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace

The Chocolate Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace are great for kids to explore. You can check out recipes and even taste some of the fantastic products on offer. In fact, Hampton Court offers a lot for kids to do throughout the entire year – not just for the chocolate lovers amongst us.

Why we love it: It’s something a bit different. It’s also less than £10 each for under 16s, or under £50 for the whole family.

The Peter Harrison Planetarium

Fancy a bit of out-of-this-world fun and entertainment? This large domed cinema space uses advanced CGI and original film to produce a vivid picture of our universe. For younger children, you’ll find regular ‘Space Safari’ events and ‘Meet the Neighbours’ live shows at weekends.

Why we love it: What’s not to love about space? It’s absolutely fascinating and a great educational treat for the kids (and the grown ups.)

 This article is contributed/provided by The Montcalm Hotels

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