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10 Ways to Make Traveling a Fun Experience For Kids

The world is finally opening back up. Wanderlusts and travelers are excited to take off on their next trip after being postponed for so long. Traveling with kids, however, is another story.

Long lines, COVID safety precautions, and even jetlag can all take a toll on a child, making the trip seem less exciting. Here are 10 tips to help make travel more fun for your kids:

  • Make Packing Fun

Kids aren’t always the best packers. A great way to get them focused and excited to pack is by having fun travel gear. Scooter luggage is the perfect way to get them excited while keeping them entertained at the airport. Plus, they’re versatile so they can be used for school as well. 

  • Try to Have Patience

There are always going to be pit stops when traveling with kids. They need to use the restroom, they’re distracted by all the chaos at the airport, and they move at a much slower pace than adults. It’s important to be patient with your kids. This may be their first time traveling so you want them to enjoy it.

Give yourself extra time by leaving for the airport early. That way, if you end up getting caught up during security or have to make a few extra restroom stops, you won’t be rushing to your gate.

  • Prepare For Changes In Weather

While you may have tried to plan your trip during the perfect time of year, there is always a chance of rain. Check online for average weather patterns in the area and check the 10-day forecast the day before your flight. Prepare ahead of time for the weather by packing extra clothes and having backup plans for indoor, kid-friendly fun while on vacation. 

  • Prepare Snacks Ahead of Time

Airport food and snacks can be pretty expensive. If you’re traveling with kids on a budget, make sure to pack extra snacks. That way, you can avoid paying high prices and will have a way to feed or even reward your child for good behavior.

  • Don’t Forget Medications

A change in climate can lead to colds or an influx of allergies. Make sure to pack extra medicine or any regular vitamins you usually give your child. Healthy kids are happy kids, leading to a more enjoyable trip.

  • Double Check Your Documents

You’ve spent a lot of time planning your family vacation. But then you arrive at the airport and your documentation is expired or not up-to-date. Depending on where you’re traveling, you may need a passport, a COVID vaccine card, or a recent negative COVID test.

Double-check all the dates on your documents along with any additional requirements for the state or country you and your family are visiting to avoid any wrenches in your travel plans.

  • Plan Kid-Friendly Activities

Remember that this family vacation isn’t all about the parents. Create an itinerary for your vacation that includes kid-friendly activities that are specifically for them. If they’re afraid of heights, maybe ziplining isn’t the best choice. But if they have a love for animals, maybe visiting a local zoo would be a great afternoon activity.

  • Teach Them About Culture

Wherever you’re visiting, it’s going to be different from home. Exposing your children to new cultures is a great way to teach them about the world. They’ll learn to embrace new things, build people skills, and embrace curiosity by asking questions.

  • Don’t Forget Distractions

There are long waiting periods during travel. As adults, we can read a good book or watch a movie on the plane. This applies to children, too. It might be too overwhelming for them and they may not be able to sleep. This is why it’s important to have TV shows downloaded to your phone or tablet along with a set of headphones.

  • Offer a Travel Journal

Writing is a great tool to help sharpen a child’s memory, tap into their imagination, and practice their writing skills. A travel journal might be a fun way for them to document some of the exciting things they experienced along the way. Then, when they go back to school, they can share some of their adventurous stories with their classmates.

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