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18 Amazing Things to Do with Kids on Mallorca

If you’re off to Mallorca, worrying about your kids having fun should be out of the equation. The region is filled with kid-friendly activities and a lot of areas where you can let their curious minds explore. Aside from the activities and sights, traveling and eating out is also a breeze since there are a lot of discounts on public transports and children’s menus.

And in case you’re wondering about the best place to start, this list of activities should be of help.

1. Cycling

If your kids are into sports, taking them to the cycling capital of the Balearics shouldn’t be out of your list. The area has a lot of cycling shops where you can rent a bicycle for each one of your kids. In case they are too young to ride on their own, you can have them on their carriers as you bike around.

2. Visit underground caves

Learning the difference between stalactites and stalagmites should come easy after you bring your kids to Porto Cristo Caves. The caves are both beautiful and scary at the same time, with a maximum depth of 25 meters below ground level. Inside the caves is an underground lake called Lake Martel. It belongs to the list of the largest underground lakes in the world.

3. Train trip

In Mallorca, you can find vintage trains that are on the road since 1912. Bringing your kids for a trip in one of these trains will allow them to see most of the beautiful corners of the area. Make sure to take your sunscreen with you, particularly if you’ll be out during the summer.

4. Watch rescued animals

In Santa Eugena, you’ll be able to find a small zoo which serves as a home to rescued animals. The zoo is good to visit even on a hot day since it’s in a shady region. Inside it, you’ll be able to see several species of birds and some reptiles.

5. Go paddleboarding

When it comes to beaches, Mallorca is one of the top places you shouldn’t miss, particularly when it comes to paddle boarding. If your kids aren’t big enough for this activity yet, let them enjoy the beach with you by allowing them to sit on your board and help you out with paddling.

6. Try trekking

Trekking is a good activity to boost your kids’ physical strength. You can take them for a walk along the coastline or choose to be more adventurous with the mountain trails. Because long walks can be exhausting, make sure to bring the best cooler for the trip so you can have bottles of water and some snacks within easy reach.

7. Camping

Technically, Mallorca is not the best place for a camper as it’s illegal to camp just about everywhere. However, if it’s camping you’re really interested in, there are government campsites you can try. They aren’t that big but you can still enjoy the activity with your kids as they are quite peaceful areas. For extra savings, take your electric cool box for camping so you won’t have to spend additional cash for some refreshments.

8. Swimming

There are a lot of beaches in the region with shady play areas for your kids. If safety is your concern, you can go to Playa de Muro where you can find shallow waters where your kids can have fun.

9. Walk in medieval towns

On a normal weekday, you’ll see the town of Alcudia with remains of Roman houses and traces of its culture. It’s a good site to visit if your kids particularly enjoy medieval towns and stories. However, during Sundays, this town transforms into a market filled with nice shops and stalls.

10. Visit water park

Hidropark is the only water park in the north of Mallorca. It offers a wave pool, mini-park and even a mini-golf course where your kids can hold small tournaments in. You can also let them enjoy the site’s floating water balls and soft tracks.

11. Horse riding

The largest ranch in Mallorca is the Rancho Grande Park. It’s suitable for every level of rider. Aside from pony rides, the ranch also holds birthday parties in case your kids want to celebrate there. You can also let them enjoy its bounty castle and water slides.

12. See theme parks

In case your kids fancy electronic games and movies, it’s a good idea to take them to Katmandu Park. The site is just a few walks from the beach which makes it a very convenient option if ever your kids get bored of playing on the sand.

13. Watch a commercial aquarium

Palma Aquarium is a good choice if you want your kids to learn more about sea creatures without the risk of sunburns. It’s a commercial aquarium and park that houses several species of sea inhabitants. Your kids can go diving with fishes or watch them from an observation glass.

14. See clowns and wizards

One of the really popular activities for kids in Mallorca can be found in a fun park in Alcudia. The main attraction of the park is its maze games that are typically mastered by clowns and wizards.

15. Watch pirate shows

In Mallorca, you can find pirate shows both for kids and kids at heart, so be sure to be careful when booking a show. The Pirates Adventure Show features acrobatics and dancing that will leave your kids quiet throughout the event. For older viewers, there’s the Pirate Mutiny where glasses of sangria and beer come for free.

16. View live dolphins

Another must-see in Mallorca is its dolphin and sea lion shows. Right after the performance, you can get your kids to have pictures with the animals for a small fee. Aside from dolphins and lions, the family can also see a parrot circus.

17. Visit the Museum of Antique Dolls

Tag your daughters and visit the Museum of Antique Dolls. It has several rooms filled with more than 500 unique and antique dolls, some of which even dates back to the 19th century. The museum is a private collection but it’s open to tourists visiting the region.

18. Karting

Alcudia has a really big karting track where you and the rest of the family can have fun. It has a lot of curves and is suitable for all levels of kart racers. Their custom built tracks are open from morning until midnight without the need to book beforehand.

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