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20 Tips For Traveling With Children And Making The Perfect Family Trip

The traveler is not born, he is made.  If you want to know what are the best tips for traveling with children and that your children enjoy discovering new places as much as you do, you will have to “infect” them with this addiction from a young age. The best way to do it is not to be afraid, keep traveling and adapt a little to their routines so that they feel comfortable wherever you are.

It is not an impossible mission. You have to pack one more suitcase, organize your transfers a little better, choose a suitable hotel, be less ambitious in your itineraries … but traveling with children is much easier and more pleasant than we imagine. Because, despite the logistical complexity, we will enjoy discovering new places with them and spending time as a family.

Keep these 20 tips for traveling with children in mind when planning your next family vacation:

1. Don’t be afraid

You can travel with children, you just have to organize yourself well and everything will be great. Put hope, desire, and a little patience.

2. Get informed

Information is power and avoids surprises. Know well the destination you are traveling to, what the conditions of the country are, what services you will have at hand … Take time to read, ask questions … Continuously remember this guidance when going with youngsters!

3. Plan ahead

Improvisation is not the best friend of children so try to plan your trip in advance. So you can book the best flights, hotels, etc. without risking that the best options are consumed.

4. Travel while they sleep

Take advantage of their sleeping hours to get around; thus, the trip will be made much shorter. Book flights, especially long ones, at night, or else take advantage of nap time if the journey is shorter.

5. Negotiate the activities

If you have a child who is a little older, you can agree on some activities that they can also enjoy. This way everyone has the opportunity to do something that they like. Express what each of you wants and fit it within the days that you will be at your destination.

6. Book a hotel in the center

The unforeseen is common when traveling with children; Therefore, stay in a central hotel so that it is easy for you to reach it if your child needs it.

7. Bring a medicine cabinet

Normally you will have access to a pharmacy, but it is true that it never hurts to carry some medicines or plasters in your backpack in case your child falls or starts to feel ill. Organize your medicine cabinet, too, taking into account the destination you are going to. If it is cold, for example, it is easy for you to get a cold and have a fever.

8. Identify them

Another important tip for traveling with children: identify your child with bracelets (for example) in which your contact information appears in case they get lost.

9. Bring your documentation

If you are going to travel through Spain the Family Book or the DNI will be enough but if you go abroad it will be better if you bring your passport. Also find out in advance if children need a visa, etc.

10. Take out travel insurance

It is not mandatory but it is recommended. And it is that children are more likely to get sick. Check the coverage of the policies as some do not cover children up to six months of age or one year.

11. Take short trips

Especially if you go by car, make sure that no journey exceeds five hours and in between make many stops to stretch your legs, play … On the off chance that your objective is further away, discover a spot to go through the evening. Your child will be happier and, consequently, so will you.

12. Be flexible

If you like to organize the itinerary of each trip to the millimeter … forget it! You will have to be very flexible and accept that, at any time, you will have to modify your plan to suit your child’s needs.

13. Be patient

It may be that you are not used to arriving at the airport three hours in advance or that you do not like the amusement parks that your child takes you to… Be patient, relax and just enjoy the moment.

14. Control the volume of luggage

If for us we abuse the “just in case” … when we pack for a child it can be even worse. Rationalize, reduce and think that if you forget something you can always buy it at the destination.

15. Bring food for your baby

If your child is still a baby, do not hesitate to take his food with you, even if you are going to catch a plane. And if he is a little older, keep something light in a backpack to have it on hand in case he gets hungry.

16. Encourage their participation

If you want to sow the traveling germ in your child, let him get involved and get excited about the trip. Encourage him to pack his backpack, suitcase and think about what places he wants to visit.

17. Bring entertainment

Children are children and they need to play. Choose with them small and light toys that allow them to enjoy and have fun while waiting or traveling.

18. Pass on your love for traveling

Explain why you like to travel, when did you start doing it, what are the places you have visited … Share all this with your child and let your traveling spirit rub off on him.

19. Turn the trip into an adventure

Each trip is a game for the child, an opportunity to experiment, explore, learn … Give them imagination and propose games wherever you go that allow them to enjoy more of each corner.

20. Enjoy

Each family trip is a unique and indelible memory. Make the most of it! This is the best advice for traveling with children that we can give you.

With these 20 tips, you will be prepared to travel with your child and make the next family vacation perfect.

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