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4 Holiday Home Hacks for Keeping Yours in Top Condition

Having a holiday home retreat is perfect for getting away and avoiding excess accommodation charges if you already have your own home away from home. However, because holiday homes are not lived in all year round, it is even more important to keep on top of your holiday home maintenance to ensure it is always cared for, even when you are not there. This means you will always be able to rest easy with your travel, knowing your holiday home is in its best shape for your arrival.

Top Benefits of a Holiday Home

  • It is a quick and easy getaway, whenever you need
  • It can be extra income, too, if you choose to rent out your property when you are not using it
  • Long-term property investment
  • Great for those who love to travel a lot and often spontaneously
  • Potential to get to know new people and neighbors in a different place

4 Holiday Home Maintenance Hacks

Below are four holiday home hacks for you.

  • Think About the Change of Seasons

Best preparing your holiday home for seasonal weather and temperature changes will depend on where your holiday home is based. Some climates may see your holiday home facing extreme conditions throughout the year, while some may be consistent and more manageable.

Preparing for winter (especially if you are not going to be on the property during the window) is very important, such as avoiding the pipes becoming frozen and making sure everything is protected.

  • Think About What You Would Do at Home

Your holiday home is no different from your regular home in terms of maintenance, so treat it the same way you would your permanent home. That means taking care of all the regular maintenance jobs like using professional drain cleaning services for any piping issues, making sure the property’s exterior is protected, gutters are kept clean, and all alarms are working.

  •  Stay in Your Holiday Home for a Long period

Try to get into the habit of traveling regularly for a long period to your holiday home (which is the perfect excuse to take a break). If you are staying in your holiday home only for a few days at a time, you may not be fully aware of any major issues. However, the more extensively you stay in your holiday home for one period, such as a few weeks, a month, or even longer if you can, that will be enough time for you to notice any maintenance issues you may need to deal with.

This is also good for allowing issues to come to light, as some problems may only occur after a certain period, such as when regularly using the heating for weeks rather than a few days.

  • Security is Key

Protecting and maintaining your holiday home is also about keeping it secure when you are not there (and when you are). With this in mind, you will want to check windows and doors for any damage or issues regularly. In addition, make sure any alarm systems are in full working order and checked regularly.

Upgrading your locks, windows, doors, and alarms will always be a worthy investment for keeping your holiday home safe.

Final Thoughts

If you love to travel and love to have your own private retreat whenever you need it, then a holiday home is a worthy investment in more ways than one. However, to make sure your investment goes far and your travel is always stress-free, regular maintenance is a must for keeping your holiday home in its best shape.

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