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5 Vacation Destinations Like No Other

Who doesn’t want to boast about the beautiful vacation destination they’ve visited when returning home? There is an abundance of magical locations out there, and choosing one can be a challenge. From energetic city breaks that bring about new creative inspiration to blissful beach resorts, there are options to suit every type of personality.

Let’s take a look at five vacation destinations like no other:

Berlin, Germany

A hub of eclectic culture, boasting a music scene like no other and home to some of the world’s most profound modern history, Berlin has a lot to offer visitors. The city doesn’t sleep and buzzes with a friendly atmosphere charged with creativity in all corners. Here the art galleries are housed within cutting-edge buildings, and its locals take pride in the food they offer. Highlights include the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, Berlin’s infamous wall and Museuminsel. Boasting an array of contemporary hotels, be sure to check out Mr Hudson Explores gay hotels in Berlin for an insider’s view on this unique European city.

Santorini, Greece

Breathtaking sunsets, tick. Character-full beaches, tick. Charming local culture and delicious cuisine, tick. Ticking plenty of boxes, Santorini is heaven on earth. A vacation that needn’t break the budget, here is one of the most stunning sunsets (it has a reputation for a reason) that can be appreciated from the white building rooftops found in the cliff-high town of Oia. Located above a beautiful turquoise sea, the endless vistas are landscape eye-candy. Be sure to take a trip to the volcanic island too!

Reykjavik, Iceland

From the well known northern lights to the relaxing blue lagoon, there are several very good reasons why this small city with a big soul deserves a spot on your vacation list. As the country’s capital, there are museums and galleries to explore allowing intrigued visitors to fill up on local culture, restaurants serving unique delicacies such as cured flavourful fish as well as the highlight being the otherworldly ice-covered landscape that surrounds the city.

Positano, Italy

Southern Italy has a charm that keeps its first-time visitors coming back for more. Characterized by pastel-perfect colored buildings, The Amalfi coast’s postcard-worthy town is a must-visit. There are many nooks and crannies to be explored as visitors navigate around its alleyways, stumbling into welcoming trattorias serving some of the best cuisine that the country has to offer. Limoncello, perfect backdrops for photos and stunning scenery await tourists.

Prague, Czech Republic  

The city’s beauty is truly one-of-a-kind. With fairytale architecture forming its winding streets, Prague is home to some of the most remarkable architecture in Europe. A perfect weekend break destination, visitors are treated to history that dates back a millennium, moreish local food such as the chimney cakes and the stunning Charles Bridge, a top romantic spot. Flooding with character, niche entertainment such as beer spas and home to a museum dedicated to its own icon Kafka, the city offers plenty of personality for its welcomed visitors. 

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