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4 Reasons You Get Sick After a Vacation

While many people often enjoy a vacation of relaxing, indulging, and exploring, it is common for travelers to experience an unwanted illness once they arrive back home.

The stress of travel can wear on anyone—just when you want to feel your best to enjoy a vacation, family time, or feel your sharpest for work. Despite helping you to de-stress and take a much-needed break from your daily routine, the change of pace, temperature and cuisine could have negatively impacted your health.

As a result, you might have no other option but to rest and recover from a trip once you arrive home. Nature’s Happiness personalized blends consisting of medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs, and clinically-tested ingredients to support homeostasis could help you with this. To ensure you don’t feel under the weather after a getaway, read the four reasons why you could get sick after a vacation.

  • Temperature Changes

Traveling to a country with a completely different climate can take its toll on your body, which can make it vulnerable to illness. For example, you’re more likely to return home with an unwanted bug if you journey to a hot destination during winter.

Returning to a chilly climate can play havoc with your immune system, which could lead to a cold or even the flu. You might, therefore, need to wrap up warm, drink plenty of fluids, and switch on column radiators to beat the bug.

  • Exhaustion

While vacations are supposed to be relaxing, traveling to a different corner of the globe can be quite the opposite. Early morning flights, lengthy journeys and long transfer times can all take their toll on a person’s physical and mental health, which could make them long for another break once a trip is over.

You might also be guilty of staying up late or sleeping in too much, which can play havoc with your sleeping pattern and, in turn, your immune system. It is important to make time for rest and relaxation once you touch down at your destination, as you should aim to stick to your sleeping routine to ensure you aren’t struggling with exhaustion once you arrive back home. Should you find that you are struggling with sleep, you may find something like these CBD capsules to be helpful when it comes to relaxing in the evening and clearing your mind ready for a good night’s sleep.

  • Air Travel

While many people might be tempted to blame a sneezing passenger for their cold or virus once they arrive home, they probably aren’t the culprit behind your illness. Plane-related colds don’t tend to stem from recycled air floating across the flight, as they are often caused by the low humidity in the air, which can:

  • Dry out a traveler’s nasal passage
  • Irritate a nose and throat
  • Make it difficult to fend away bacteria

To ensure you don’t struggle with a plane-related cold once you arrive back home or at your destination, you should use an over-the-counter saline nasal spray and eye drops during a flight.

  • Increased Contact with Bacteria

Airports, tourism sites, train stations, and public transport can, unfortunately, be a breeding ground for bacteria. As you will come into contact with large crowds during your travels, you will increase your likelihood of developing an illness. To combat the problem, you should wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds per time and you should attempt not to get too close to both locals and tourists.


Unfortunately, traveling to different corners of the globe can play havoc with your immune system. After all, you could experience extreme temperature changes, come into contact with various and new forms of bacteria, and you could feel rundown after many days of exploring, traveling, or overindulging.

The only way to prevent a potential illness is to care for your mind and body during a vacation. For example, you should stick to a sleeping schedule, drink plenty of water, regularly wash your hands, and aim to enjoy a nutritious, balanced diet. It could be the difference between feeling like a brand-new person or spending a week in bed once you arrive home.

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