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6 Most Scenic Places In New South Wales For An Unforgettable Family Holiday

So, you are looking for an unforgettable holiday trip to New South Wales with your dearest ones, but you are unsure of where to go next? With so many things to see and activities to take part in, it can truly be confusing to decide which places are the most beautiful and most worth your money. Rest assured; whichever place you decide on, it is certain that New South Wales is a terrific decision. New South Wales, known for its countless beaches, breath-taking natural treasures, and the lively Sydney is among the top destinations families with children choose to visit. Without further delay, here are the topmost scenic places in New South Wales for an unforgettable family holiday.

1. Witness the magnificent Blue Mountains

Around two hours away (if you are traveling by car) from the city of Sydney is the gorgeous Blue Mountains. Officially known as the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, it has captivated many locals and tourists with its endless eucalyptus trees and indescribable beauty for many years. Luckily, the area can be easily accessed by train or even a coach tour. However, what is there to do here? Families who decide to visit the Blue Mountains can take part in numerous activities such as hiking and camping. Walking trails are in abundance, and this way there is an opportunity to check out the mesmerizing waterfalls and valleys which make the Blue Mountains is one of the most visited spots in the area. Of course, do not miss out on taking the kids to Scenic World at Katoomba. There, families can take a ride across Jamison Valley in a gondola. Witness the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, and Katoomba Falls, and of course, take lots of pictures! Don’t miss out on anything in the Blue Mountains and book a Blue Mountains Tour and explore the hidden gem

2. Feed baby kangaroos in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley, also known as Australia’s oldest and most famous grape-growing region is located only two hours away from Sydney. Even though it is most known for its award-worthy produce, visitors will find that there are heaps of things to do in the area. There is a little bit of everything for every member of the family. Did you know that one of the best ways to see the scenic views of Hunter Valley is by hot ballooning? If you have never taken part in this activity, then this is your chance. The flights last about an hour and there are plenty of packages catering to families. However, if the kids love animals, then the Hunter Valley Zoo is another excellent spot. There, families can take part in hand-feeding baby kangaroos, witness majestic lions and cheetahs in exotic habitats and pat adorable koalas. Book a Hunter Valley wine tour specialist to take care of your day trip and no one has to worry about drink and drive. Grab a glass of fine wine and enjoy!

3. Visit Sydney and surf like the locals at Bondi Beach

When visiting New South Wales, seeing Sydney is an absolute must. Known as one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, Sydney is also known as the largest city and most popular port in the entire South Pacific. Also, the city is said to be extremely family-friendly with many activities and attractions which even the youngest family member will enjoy. For example, treat the kids (and yourself!) to a fun day at Luna Park Amusement Park. There, people can go on a variety of thrilling rides and participate in fun games. Another interesting option when visiting Sydney is the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. If you want to witness twelve different species of these unusual and frightening beings, then do not hesitate and visit the aquarium. Finally, when in Sydney, do what the locals do- go surfing at Bondi Beach! Bondi Beach, famously known as a surfer’s paradise even has schools such as “Let’s go surfing” which teach the basic techniques to rookies. Hence, there are no excuses to back out of this exciting activity. If you could not make it to Hunter Valley Zoo, then do not fret, because Taronga Zoo on Sydney Harbour is also an amazing way to witness a wide array of animals from all over the world.

4.Immerse yourself in history in Armidale

If you are not a fan of the hustle and bustle of big city living and you are seeking to get some peace, then Armidale is your best bet. This small, but extremely beautiful town is located between Sydney and Brisbane. The town is known for its waterfalls and picturesque gorges, as well as national parks and vineyards. If you or another member of the family loves history and rich culture, then head to Armidale. There are many museums in the area such as Railway, Armidale Folk and the Aboriginal Cultural Centre. In the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, there is the opportunity to learn all about the art, culture and history of Australia’s earliest inhabitants. If contemporary art is what interests you, then check out The New England Regional Art Museum, a popular public regional gallery which features many works of artists from all over the world. Another popular tourist option is the Woolpack Rocks, a 270 million years old geological wonder made up of large rock formations. Certainly, Woolpack Rocks is a tourist favourite, not only due to its astonishing beauty but also for its many activities. For example, tourists can go on interesting birdwatching hikes or take pictures of waterfalls such as Dangar’s Falls or Wollomombi Falls.

5.Witness the harbour views in Newcastle

Also nicknamed “Newie” by the locals, Newcastle is considered the second largest and second oldest city in New South Wales. Situated in the north of Sydney, it is the proud home of one of the most beautiful harbours out there and many sunkissed beaches. Plenty of tourists prefer it over Sydney because it is not as crowded, making it a perfect choice for a holiday or a short getaway. The cleverest way to witness the beauty of Newcastle is by taking a trip to its port at Honeysuckle. There, visitors can check out the whole harbour and the coastline from the clear water. Also, there is the chance to go on daily trips and witness the beauty of Newcastle of which the locals are extremely proud of. Of course, after roaming around the town all day, chances are that someone will get hungry pretty quick. Fortunately, there are many restaurants, bars and cafes which cater to even the pickiest foodie out there.

6. Get an adrenaline rush skydiving in Byron Bay

Byron Bay, Australia’s easternmost town is truly a sight for sore eyes. Endless beaches, surfing spots and diving sites, name it, Byron Bay has it all. Even though the easiest way to get there is by taking a flight at Ballina Airport, many opt for driving from Sydney or Brisbane. Luckily, Australia is blessed with a warm climate which makes it perfect for surfing and other water-related activities all year round. When visiting Byron bay, make sure to go to at least one of the beaches and try out surfing or snorkelling for yourself. Tourists can also witness bottlenose dolphins in Cape Byron Marine Park or giant sea turtles at Julian Rocks. Another fun activity which is more suitable for adrenaline junkies is skydiving or joy flights. Try it out and see why it is one of the most popular activities out there!

In summary, famously known as Australia’s most populated state, New South Wales has many scenic places families can freely visit any time of the year. Whether it is Hunter Valley, Sydney or Armidale, it is certain that every single person will have a truly memorable time.

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