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8 Jobs For Traveling Digital Nomads

The coronavirus pandemic may have made it hard to consider traveling for the last few years, but with the vaccines being administered across the world, you now have the opportunity to replan your travels and get out there to see the world!

For most people, having a job to go to or one that you can do while you’re on the road is really important. Most of us aren’t born with huge sums of money, which means financing our traveling abroad while we’re there is going to be necessary.

Can You Work While Traveling?

You may be surprised to hear that working while traveling is actually a real possibility for a lot of people! There are a number of jobs that you can do when you’re not out taking in the sights.

If you’re planning on just taking your laptop with you and working online wherever you can, then this list is for you. We’ve compiled some of the best sites that will pay you to write articles or blog posts or work on various other tasks, so read ahead to find out more about getting paid to work when traveling! Of course, to be successful in this field excellent reputation management is needed – learn more here!

Should You Work Digitally and Remotely?

Working remotely is obviously much easier when you’re traveling. There are already a great number of companies that pay their employees to work remotely, but it’s important you do your research before working for one.

If you are considering working remotely, make sure that the company has an active remote work policy and a good understanding of the laws surrounding working remotely. You can also take a look at this site to find out more about the pros and cons of working remotely.

How To Get Paid To Work While Traveling

If you are an individual looking for a way to get paid to work while traveling, there are two options. You can either go the freelance route or get paid by companies in the country you’re visiting.

A freelancer can always go down the full-time route of working for one company, but they will probably be limited to working on projects, not of their choosing and won’t get paid whenever they want.

Working for a company within the country you’re working in is possible, but you must consider the local laws around working while traveling. For example, in most countries, you will need to have some kind of work permit or work visa.

How To Balance Working and Sightseeing

The first thing to consider is the time difference. If you live in Bali and your employer is in New York, your employer will typically expect to hear from you as soon as possible during business hours. So, you’ll need to be available at an unsociable time to start working for them.

Another thing to consider is how much time it takes each day just to get to and from your work area, just like a commute.

Many Digital nomads don’t consider this but having strong Wi-Fi wherever you are isn’t always a given. How much extra time does a 2-hour commute take away from your sightseeing?

You’ll find that living in an area where you’re not too far from the office is best if you’re planning on working while traveling. You’ve found that it’s best not to plan on traveling during peak travel times of the week.

The Best Jobs For Traveling Nomads (digital or otherwise)

Traveling can be both liberating and enlightening. You’ll gain new perspectives that will change the way you look at the world. Unfortunately, you’re also going to have to settle your bills, which means how you earn money is also important. So, to help keep costs down, work remotely whenever possible.

The good news is that there are plenty of jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world! Here are a few of the most commonly cited jobs for traveling digital nomads:

Remote Marketing Specialist

There are a ton of companies that hire marketing specialists to work remotely. These jobs are pretty simple.

You’ll be in charge of creating content for an organization’s blog or social media outlet, maybe managing ad campaigns or anything related to digital marketing. Any type of writing will do but understanding SEO and content creation is the most valuable experience you can have in this line of work.

Web Developer

Whether you’re a freelance web developer or want to find work at a company, there are plenty of chances for you out there.

If you want to be self-employed, make sure you present yourself well with good documentation for your portfolio, and it might be worth being able to access this portfolio offline if you’re visiting somewhere that doesn’t have a good reliable internet connection.

Working In A School

There are companies out there that will hire Digital Nomads to work at another company’s school.

At these schools, you’ll be probably teaching English or technical skills to kids who want to learn a new language. Unfortunately, these jobs do not always pay well, and you will need to be trained in how to effectively teach and properly document what you’re doing.

Another job that many schools are looking for is sports coaching or pastoral care. Again, if the country you’re visiting is an English speaking country, if the school is happy for your session to be in English, or if you are fluent in the language of the place you’re visiting, then doing a role such as a school counseling or sports coaching could work well.

You’ll need qualifications in school counseling and at least relevant experience in sports coaching.

E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

This is a great job for digital nomads that want to work from home and still travel.

You’ll be hired by an e-commerce company to start with, and you’ll be specifically tasked with managing their social media accounts, creating content for their social media outlets, and any other marketing initiatives they have in place.

Conservation Specialist

This is a great option for digital nomads who want to spend time in more remote places while still working.

Conservation specialists are responsible for conserving areas of the natural world, not necessarily on a large scale but more on a small scale. You’ll be responsible for finding ways to save endangered species, creating maps of the regions you’re spending time in, and any other conservation initiatives that are needed on a case by case basis.

This type of job is great if you have at least some backgrounds in Conservation or carefully plan your trip around areas with endangered species or other examples of protected wildlife.

Volunteer Jobs

Volunteering is great for digital nomads who want to travel while also working. It can also be done online by applying for jobs on sites like the Peace Corps, where the focus is more on giving back rather than earning money.

Most companies will offer volunteer internships to students or people just starting out in their career, but if you’re looking to get paid, this requires a lot of work on your part because most of these companies aren’t ready to start offering you money just yet.

Freelance Writing

This one is a no-brainer, and it’s relatively easy to do.

There are countless freelance websites, and it’s basically as easy as creating a portfolio and reaching out to various magazines or advertising venues that might be willing to take your work.

Freelance Writing is great for the traveling digital nomad because you’ll need Wi-Fi access, and you can do this from pretty much any device.


This one is a little more complicated, but it’s possible to do teaching while you travel. There are many websites where teachers can be hired, and it’s pretty easy to find one that offers this service.

The best thing about choosing this type of job is that you’ll be doing something useful while at the same time getting paid for it. It will probably be a little more difficult than working in a school or sports coaching; however, the pay will probably be better, and you’ll also get to travel across the world!

Things To Be Wary Of

Making a lot of money doing any of these jobs doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to afford to travel abroad. After all, you can make a decent amount working at a virtual marketing business, though there’s still plenty of travel involved.

By the same token, you can work in a school and have to live within its budget. This is why it’s important to have a backup plan that will allow you to live comfortably while traveling.

Make Sure You Have An Emergency Fund

One of the most important things that you need when traveling is an emergency fund.

This can be in cash or in stocks or bonds that you have purchased that have a good return. If something bad happens, you want to have some money that you can rely on to get back on your feet and get where you’re going again.

You’ll also need a credit card that will allow you to pay for things while traveling, but which you will need to cancel when your trip is over so as not to rack up too much debt from one trip.

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