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How to Make Sure Your Elderly Loved Ones Are Cared for When You Are Traveling

For many people, caring for elderly relatives is a barrier to going on holiday or traveling. You might worry that your loved one will need assistance, or they will get lonely without you. While these are natural concerns, they shouldn’t stop you from having a break. Here are some tips on making sure your elderly relatives are cared for while you are traveling.


Gone certainly won’t mean forgotten and you can still check in with your elderly relatives. Many older people are well versed in using chat platforms such as Zoom or WhatsApp. Even if they are not technically minded, they can still pick up the phone. Check in with them regularly and this will put your mind at rest and stop your loved one from feeling lonely.

Enlist Help

If you aren’t there to check in on your loved one, then find someone who is. Speak to other family members who might be happy to take the reins for the time you are away. Neighbors can be a great help as they are local and can pop in easily. Speak to someone your loved one gets on well with and they might enjoy the company of a family member, friend, or neighbor while you are away. Make sure that they have your contact details too so that they can get in touch if they need to.

A home help can be useful if you don’t have anyone else you can ask. They can cook meals or do some light cleaning and keep your loved one company. Many of them can be contacted out of hours if your loved one needs medical attention. They usually charge by the hour, and while their services don’t come cheap, it is worth paying for the peace of mind while you are traveling. If you’re considering this option, you might want to look into home care software solutions to help manage and coordinate care.

Get Prepared

Getting prepared before you go can save you a lot of headaches and help your elderly loved one to cope when you are not around. Before you go, spend some time safety proofing their home. Check that their smoke alarms are in good working order, their handrails are secure, and that they have any additional safety apparatus they need.

Next, you can help with chores they will struggle to manage themselves. This might involve cleaning or getting around to those odd jobs they might hurt themselves by trying to undertake while you are away. If they struggle to get out and about, make sure you stock up their food supplies before you go. Batch cooking can be a brilliant way to make sure that they eat well while you are traveling as you can pop food in the freezer, and they will just need to put it in the microwave when they want it rather than having to use the cooker or hob.

Set a schedule on their phone for their medication and explain how this works to them. Get a pillbox with individual days on it so they know what medication they are supposed to take and when to take it.

Think About the Future

If you are worried about leaving your elderly loved one while you are traveling, this might be a good time to consider their future needs as well as their current ones. A facility such as McKnight Place assisted living will help your loved one with all the aspects of living that they can no longer manage for themselves. They may find that living in an assisted community gives them a new lease of life, new interests, and lots of company.

There are ways to make sure that your elderly loved ones are cared for while you are traveling. With some preparation and forethought, anything is possible.

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