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Amazing Things To Do with Kids When Moving

Because of the number of things, it’ll require from you, moving from one location to another can become a struggle. You’ll need to have a sufficient amount of money to finance the move, change your daily routines to accomplish tasks and you’ll even have to miss days from work in order to move successfully. The stress you can experience can heighten, especially if you’re planning to do it with your kids – but all is not lost because there are techniques which can actually help you have fun with your kids.


Amazing Things To Do with Kids When Moving

Amazing Things To Do with Kids When Moving


Aside from hiring movers or the best moving company NYC, there are a lot of ways on how you can make your move more convenient and fun for the kids. Instead of thinking about how stressful the move will be, change your mindset and use the move to bond with your kids. Here are some amazing things you can do with them when moving:

  1. Let them clean their own rooms

One of the most important things you’ll have to do before moving is cleaning different rooms of your current house. This task is essential because it allows you to declutter your space and determine which among your valuables should be disposed or brought to your new house. Instead of cleaning all of the areas of your home alone, let your kids clean their own rooms. This tip can be appropriate for young children or kids who are old enough to work on their own.

Doing this will not only lessen your chores as a mover; this will also keep your kids engaged and occupied during the move. This task will help them decide which among their valuables are still usable and which ones should be disposed. When kids are engaged, their boredom and stress will be at bay.

  1. Allow them to pack their valuables

After cleaning their own rooms, next comes the packing. You and your kids should properly pack all of the valuables you’re going to bring to your new house to avoid any kind of damage. Assist your kids with the packing and let them do the bulk of the work. Teach them how to properly pack their clothes, toys, and school supplies. You should also guide them on how to properly label all of their moving boxes. By doing this, you will not only teach your kids to become more responsible; you’ll also make the unloading process easier and faster.

  1. Take pictures as many pictures as you can

The move can be a memorable experience for you and your kids. This is especially true if this is your first time to move from one location to another. To ensure that you’ll have memories of the family’s first-ever move, don’t forget to take pictures. Get your smartphone or tablet whenever your kids are packing their valuables or labeling moving boxes on their own. Print these pictures and store them in your family’s photo album or hung these in different areas of the home. With these pictures, thinking that moving is stressful can be a thing of the past.

  1. Ask for their help when preparing food

Having a sufficient supply of food is necessary for a successful move. How can you pack all of your valuables if you have not taken a healthy breakfast? How can everyone stay focused on the move if none of you brought snacks during the move? To ensure that everyone in the family is healthy and well-fed during the move, ask your kids’ help in preparing food. Ask for their assistance when preparing healthy breakfast or snacks. Let them choose which snacks to prepare, especially if your move will require being on the road for hours.

Always Think Positive

Aside from following the tips from this article, always remember to start your move with a positive mindset. Don’t focus on how tiring or costly your move will be. Instead, think of how this move will become beneficial to the lives of your family. Having a positive mindset throughout the entire duration of the move will surely increase your chances of succeeding!

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