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Best Ways to Add Luxury to A Garden

For a lot of people, simply having a garden can be a luxury in itself, but there are many ways you can make your outside space even more luxurious. The garden is the perfect spot to create a relaxing, luxury retreat, and especially if you want to make the most of it during those summer months. Not only that, but a luxurious garden space can add significant value to your property if you upgrade it in the right way and you’re looking to sell.

Here are some of the best ways to create luxury in your garden.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Just like furniture can make all the difference in your home, it can also make your garden look and feel more luxurious too. Instead of investing in basic garden furniture like wooden chairs and benches, step it up a notch to add a little luxury with soft furnishings in vibrant patterns and high-quality materials, as well as shapes and styles that add something a little different. Extra features like tables, footstools, and table umbrellas will all help to create a more enticing seating area.

Give Your Lighting a Makeover

There’s no doubt that lighting has the power to completely change the look and feel of a space, so if you want your garden to be more luxurious, then investing in the right lighting is a must. Ambient lighting from a Neon Mama online store, or somewhere similar, is great for gardens, as it can provide a more sophisticated and softer feel.  You may also want lighting features in garden trees, along fences, or around garden ornaments. Extra lighting like table lanterns and fairy lights can all help to set the scene, and muted colors like warm golds or white-silver will look more luxurious than colorful lighting.

Install a Water Feature

There’s something very relaxing and formal about a water feature, and it can often be the focal point of a garden space. With so much potential out there for different water features, you can go as luxurious as your budget will allow. This could be a huge water fountain or a simple water feature that adds a relaxing element to your space.

You could even install pond water features and keep your own fish or simply use a pond as an attractive talking point.

Additional Features Always Help

The more you can put into your garden, the more potential you have for luxury. This could be interesting formal statues, plants, flowers, or ornaments with a more luxe feel. Or, you could include a summer house, upgraded shed, or gazebo to add the extra potential for your garden and include interesting spaces for those all-important garden parties.

When choosing basic items, like planters or flowerpots, step them up a notch for more glamorous designs so that everything can feel upgraded,

The more you can invest in your garden, the more potential for luxury it will have.

Take Care of the Flooring

Luxury can be achieved through grass, decking, or stone, so it depends on which you would prefer for your garden. What matters most is how you take care of and display your flooring. With grass, you need to be sure it’s always trimmed and looking as green as possible. You could even add interesting grass designs through cutting or different shades of grass.

For decking and stone, luxury can be added through the materials and designs you use. You can spend money on high-quality stone with intricate patterns to give a more luxurious or formal feel. For decking, you can use high-quality stains and colors to add a more glamorous touch rather than basic paint.

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