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Five items you need to pack in your carry-on case

With vacation season just around the corner, now’s the time to start planning a few days getaway—taking into consideration the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, of course. Many airlines offer a generous weight limit for carrying on cases, with many travelers trying to cram all their luggage into one bag; however, sometimes it is just easier to check in a bag. If you do check in a bag, there are certain items that you should ensure to keep on your person in your check-in bag.

  1. Hygiene items

You want to keep yourself protected from in-flight germs at the best of times, but even more so while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. When you board the airplane, wipe down your seating area with an antibacterial wipe—chair, armrest, tray table, and window if you have a window seat. Make sure you use antibacterial hand gel frequently, especially just before eating and after visiting the bathroom. For further protection, you could consider wearing cotton gloves and a face mask for the duration of your flight.

  1. Important documents and passports

Always keep important documents with you while you travel. This is information specifically relating to your trip—airplane tickets, hotel booking confirmation, car rental information—as well as bank cards, travel insurance documents, and photographic ID such as driving license and if you are flying abroad a passport. Losing these items, especially in transit, is stressful, and potentially costly. You might be refused boarding onto an airplane, or even refused entry to your vacation destination.

  1. Vape pen and e-liquids

If you are planning on taking a vape pen and e-liquids onto a plane, TSA states that they must be kept in your carry-on luggage. For safety reasons, they should be stored in a clear plastic case, and there is a 100ml limit on e-liquids. zamplebox.com has a huge collection of e-liquid flavors available for you to choose the right flavor for your holiday. Look for an e-liquid with a tropical flavor, citrus, or ice cream flavor if you are going on a beach vacation. Or how about cinnamon bun or toasted marshmallow if you are vacationing in the mountains?

  1. Electrical items, along with their chargers and adaptors

Most people use their smartphones for entertainment as well as making calls, so chances are you will be using it during your flight to listen to music or catch up on the latest episode of your favorite boxset. To avoid the disappointment of your device running out of battery halfway through a film, make sure you keep your charger in your carry-on case. If you are visiting a country that uses different plug sockets to the U.S., make sure you have the right adaptor in your carry on a case; otherwise, your first few days will be spent desperately trying to find an adaptor so that you can recharge your electricals! It is also a good idea to keep expensive electrical items, such as DSLR cameras and iPads, in your carry on the case: you don’t want to risk losing them should your checked-in luggage go missing.

  1. Comfort items for the flight

Despite the lure of the fun vacation at the other end, a lot of people find the experience of flying stressful rather than relaxing. To help with any nerves, make sure you pack some comfort items for your flight. To help cope with chilly airborne temperatures, pack a blanket and a cozy pair of socks—perhaps flight socks to help prevent DVT. Also, a stash of snacks is useful if you don’t like the look of the airline meal.

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