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How to Have an Epic Family Vacation in Squaw Valley

By: Bailey Gaddis

After traveling multiple hours on ground or air, with restless children in tow, many parents want a one-stop shop for fun, food and accommodations, happy if they never have to look at their crumb filled vehicle the entirety of the trip.

Squaw Valley has answered this prayer, crafting a village that offers nosh for all palates, ski runs for every level of courage, hotel rooms with a mix of luxury and minimal breakables (I’m looking at you mischievous tots) and live music that makes even the tiniest of feet burst into dance.

If family vacations full of equal parts thrill, relaxation and simplicity are your jam, use the following guide to relish the goodness of Squaw Valley.

Find Your Peace at Wanderlust Yoga Studio: This studio has multiple classes geared to prepping your body (and mind, and spirit) for a stellar day of skiing, and for restoring your muscles after that last run. The variety of offerings sprinkled throughout the schedule allow flexibility for you and your fellow child-sitter to each catch a class.

Entertain Your Kids at the Children’s Program: Because most children loathe being taught sports (or anything) by their parents, let a trained instructor ignite your child’s passion and skill for skiing or snowboarding. This program accommodates children three to thirteen years of age and ups the fun ante by utilizing kid-specific tools and games during instruction. And because we parents are nosy, the instructors provide a post-lesson report card detailing your little skier’s skill and cognitive-based progress.

Claim Your Glow at Trilogy Spa: Take a rain check on one afternoon of snow sliding and pamper all your things at the spa. This wellspring of calm focuses less on fluff and more on quality treatments- exactly what a parent that wants to get straight to the heart of soothing needs. Who cares how many Buddha sculptures are in the space if the masseuse has an intuitive knowledge of your body. And if the high altitude is kicking your butt, indulge in the IV & Booster Shot Therapy- more fun than it sounds.

Your family may have to fend for themselves for a few hours but they’ll be rewarded by a parent who has a fresh (and glowing) lease on life.

P.S. They give you champagne.

Enhance Your Health at Farm to Table Dining: Trick your kids into eating healthy food by masking it in deliciousness created by chef Tiffany Swan. This three-course family style dinner is made with locally sourced fare and served at the KT Base Bar, whose view is the only thing that could distract you from stuffing your face. If you’re worried that your picky toddler won’t appreciate the feast, take comfort in knowing that kiddos 3 and under eat for free.

Surprise Your Child at SnoVentures Activity Zone: Want to offer your older offspring a memorable adventure? Book them a ride on a mini snowmobile. This activity zone, located in the base area of Squaw Valley, features a snowmobile course kids can safely zoom across while you capture videos from the viewing corral. Cap off the fun with a hot and sugary beverage in the SnoVentures Lodge.

Spark Your Creativity at The Kids Crafts & Game Room: Sliding, tromping and standing in snow can get old. When your noses resemble cherries retreat to this craft and game zone where you can enjoy a family movie (with popcorn!), string beads or draw masterpieces, and engage in some competition with ping pong, arcade and board games, air hockey or foosball.

Move Your Feet to Live Music: Squaw Valley offers a regular helping of  euphonic entertainment that’s appealing to all musical appetites. Whether you enjoy your tunes in an intimate setting, during a high-energy festival, or while sitting by a fire pit with a beer this melodic basin has you covered. Check Squaw Valley’s website for up-to-date schedules and plan your trip accordingly.

Thanks to this lively valley, your family will be teeming with an amalgam of exhiliration and rejuvination by the time you make it back to your unused vehicle to head home.

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