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The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to June Lake, California

By: Bailey Gaddis

Most vacations to extreme sports destinations, while pregnant, are annoying – you can’t do much but eat, sleep and be bummed that you’re not participating in the adventure seeking. But not at June Lake – while famous for its family-friendly downhill skiing, this cozy mountain town offers plenty of ways for “with child” ladies to have an envy-worthy snow sojourn.

Just thirty minutes away from the chic resort of Mammoth, June offers a slower pace and amble amounts of relaxed rustic vibes. This isn’t a town where you need to feel pressure to have the cutest winter gear, “put on your face” to go out, or be fearful of your bank account being drained during your stay.

June Lake is just the place for you – you hardworking “baby maker” you – to recharge for the remainder of your epic journey into motherhood.


The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to June Lake, California

The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to June Lake, California

To ensure your pregnant body experiences optimal sleep and pampering, your finicky stomach is filled with belly-warming comfort food, your spirit is doused in ample doses of adventure, and your mind is given a well-deserved break from both hustle and bustle, use the following guide to begin planning your ultimate pregnant trip to the snow.

Where to Stay – Double Eagle Resort and Spa

These accommodations give the luxury housing rentals and hotels in Mammoth a run for their money (without charging the same amount of money), offering plush beds in spacious rooms, views that allow you to be content spending the day sitting by the window in your warm room with a good book, and a spa that is the perfect remedy for stiff joints and a hectic mind.


Double Eagle Resort and Spa

Double Eagle Resort and Spa

This resort is nestled in a valley two miles past the June Mountain Ski Area, with the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains looming above it. At night, the mountains appear to be glowing, with the sky on its horizon brimming with stars untouched by artificial light.

Where to Eat – Tiger Bar

You won’t be losing any of that pregnancy bloat in this restaurant that is a favorite of skiers (and pregnant ladies!) who have worked up an appetite for a killer mixture of carbs, cheese, more carbs, and OK fine, some veggies. The staff is friendly, pool-playing locals entertaining, and seats just the right level of cushy for the preggo tushy. While the burgers are a primo choice, the menu offers other guilty-pleasure options like overflowing sandwiches and nachos, and a dessert menu you’re not allowed to skip.

Or . . .

Eagle’s Landing Restaurant

Although many consider this the classiest eatery in June Lake, you can still feel free to rock up in your snow gear and tousled hair without fear of sidelong glances. The décor is mountain chic with a large fire to warm your outer layers and creamy hot chocolate to warm your inner layers. While the menu is simple, the quality is high with every edible detail considered. You’re sure to leave here satisfied and sleepy.


Eagle’s Landing Restaurant

Eagle’s Landing Restaurant

What to Do – Cross Country Skiing

A happy compromise to downhill skiing is cross-country skiing – a type of snow sliding where you traverse mostly flat terrain with skis and poles, primarily using your own locomotion. This is a wonderful way to experience the gorgeous “backstage” wilderness of the southern rim of Mono Basin.


Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

To ensure you stay safe, explore well-trodden trails with someone who knows the area well, and check in with your care provider before your vacation to ensure you have the go ahead to slide across horizontal expanses of snow.

You can rent gear from Ernie’s Tackle and Ski Shop and receive guidance from the knowledgeable folks in the office of the Double Eagle Resort regarding groomed trails to try out, such as the Silver Meadow cross country ski track next to the resort.

Where to Sightsee – Mono Lake

This 695 square mile inland sea, sprinkled with tufa towers, conjures thoughts of what a recreational hot spot in an alien land might be like. The exotic nature of this briny lake, coupled with the copious bird watching opportunities, hiking trails that snake around the perimeter of the lake, and kayak rentals that allow you to weave around the eerie tufa towers, makes this a scene you could easily explore for days.

So mama, pack up your warm and cozies, a few salacious books that have nothing to do with childbirth, a special someone who is willing to equal parts relax and adventure-seek with you, and head to the mile and a half high hideaway in the sky.

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