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Preparing for a Family Ski Trip

A family ski trip can make memories that last a lifetime. I’ve made several of these ski trips with my family over the years once they were old enough all were adventurous and memorable.

Family ski trips, when prepared for properly, provide quality time with the kids and allow for a break from everyday stressors that build up for everyone, even the young ones.

Preparing for a family ski trip thoroughly enough so that the trip goes well but not overly stressing about every detail is a fine line to walk but it’s important to get things planned so that snafus don’t pop up on your trip and you end up stressing on your trip or even worse, having to cut it short.

Here, we discuss tips for preparing for a family ski trip that I’ve found helpful when planning trips with my own family. If you are new to skiing, watching some YouTube videos and reading some intro to skiing guides can help.

Choose a Location

The location you pick for your first family ski trip might be different from subsequent ones. For your first voyage, you might want to stick close to home, but you might plan on being more adventurous if you want to take another.

You also want to make sure there are ski trails that fit your family’s skiing experience – have they already been on rope tows and small bunny hills in the neighborhood or have they never seen snow before?

Make a Checklist

Weeks or even a couple months before you plan to go on your trip, you will want to make a checklist of two things: one list of stuff that must be done before you leave and one list of things to bring.

You will undoubtedly think of things to add to these lists as time goes on and you will be accomplishing things on these lists so keep them updated frequently.

Clothes to Bring

You will need clothes that are warm to wear in the lodge, you will need clothes to layer while on the mountain – as it gets warm as you are getting your workout in skiing – and you will also need clothes while you are lounging in the room.

This may seem like a lot to bring when you have a whole family with you, but it is important that everyone be comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable, the ski trip isn’t going to be fun, and no one is going to want to do it again.

Rewards for the Kids

If you are planning your first family ski trip, it’s important to keep the kids motivated, and positive reinforcement can go a long way. Whatever you usually use to reward your kids can be used now to: keep up good behavior on the trip, encourage them to practice the new skills they learn during ski lessons, and reassure them when they attempt new skills and they need to attempt again until they get it right.

Comfortable Gear

Just like with the clothes, comfort is everything. The wrong gear can not only be uncomfortable but can cause pain or even injury. It can cause what was planned as a fun trip to turn into a bad experience for the whole family.

Make sure that if you purchase your gear that it is fitted properly in the store before you walk out with it. If you rent your gear and your kids are complaining about comfort or are in pain, you should go back to the rental location and exchange it for gear that properly fits.

Rest Often, Eat Well

Kids will tire easily when on the trails so it is important to bring them into the lodge to take breaks when needed. Bring snacks with you so the kids can have something to munch on if they need a little nourishment without needing to come in.

When you are done for the night, make sure that everyone gets a good night’s rest and make sure everyone is eating properly at mealtimes. Skiing is hard work and takes a lot out of you, especially the little ones.

If you prepare for a family ski trip well in advance, make sure you have planned everything properly and have everything you need with you for the trip, it will go off without a hitch, and everyone will have a great time.

Have fun making memories with your family just like I have and countless other families have done. It’s the perfect way to get away from “real life” for a bit to spend quality time with the family.

Planning a family ski trip doesn’t have to be stressful if you take one thing at a time. But if done properly and thoroughly you will enjoy your trip much better, being able to relax with more time with the family. Enjoy your family ski trip!

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