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Top 5 Best Things to Do with Kids in Vienna

Vienna is one of those destinations that we don’t really imagine doing with kids. That’s mainly due to the common thought that Vienna is first and foremost a city of history and culture. Most of the buildings still retain the imprint of the famous men and women who have traveled through it, and the smallest stone still resonates with the compositions of its greatest musicians.

However, the capital of Austria is renowned for its quality of life and for its tradition of welcoming children. Austrians often offer them a privileged place with, for example, special visits or adapted entertainments.

Arts, architecture, music, history, leisure … the city has multiple surprises for the whole family. You will find below all my best plans to enjoy your stay in Vienna with kids.

Schönbrunn Palace

There is so much to do at Schönbrunn that your main problem will be to choose where to go! To the right of the main entrance of the palace, there is a program of activities for children, which includes the possibility to dress like a royal child. Kids will learn differences between royal children and the ones from the middle class, as well as what children ate and toys they were playing with during the imperial era.

Don’t miss the beautiful palace gardens, perfect for a walk. If you’re lucky enough, you may even see several squirrels coming close to you.

Inside the gardens you’ll find a maze suitable for kids of all ages. There is even the possibility of climbing on an artificial wall!

Located on the Schönbrunn Palace’s lands, you’ll also find the oldest zoo in the world. Founded in 1752 and renovated several times, the Schönbrunn Zoo is a very fun and educational place. If your kids like a particular animal, check out the meal times and they will be able to admire them better.

More info: https://www.schoenbrunn.at/en/

Prater, Vienna’s Amusement Park

The biggest public park in the city is one of Vienna’s must-see stops for kids. The Prater is one of the most impressive and oldest amusement parks in Europe. From the Ferris wheel – the Wiener Riesenrad, symbol of Vienna inaugurated in 1897, your family can admire a breathtaking panorama of the city. Attractions here range from ghost trains to bumper cars: perfect for a day or evening out with the whole family.

More info: http://www.prateraktiv.at

Walking through the City Center with a Free Tour

Never done a Free Walking Tour before? Well, this is a perfect activity to do with your family. Unlike traditional tours, Free Tours guides receive tips based on their performance, which means that they are usually very entertaining, perfect for kids. Moreover, Group Tours often have a slow walking pace so that everyone can follow.

There is plenty of Free Tours you can do in Vienna, using kick bikes, focused on the city center or on street art. I recommend you to do the free tour as one of the first activities when arriving in Vienna. In a two hours’ time, you will be able to have a good overview about the city and what it has to offer for the next days. Most of best attractions of the city are included in a Free Tour of the city center such as Mozart House, State Opera House, Albertina Palace, Stephansplatz Square and many more. Don’t hesitate to ask your guide at the end of the tour for practical advises for things you would like to do in Vienna.

More info: https://www.guruwalk.com

Kids-friendly museums

As said at the beginning, there are plenty of museums adapted to kids. Here are some of best recommended:

  • House of Music (Haus der Musik):

Located at the palace of Archduke Charles, in the heart of the old city, the House of Music is a fabulous place to understand the world of music and sounds in an interactive way. You’ll explore the Austrian musical heritage and will have a lot of fun with the many interactive screens and musical objects available. The museum also features historical documents, costumes and other personal belongings from famous musicians such as Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven.

More info: http://www.hausdermusik.com/

  • Wax Museum

Always fun with kids, even if expensive, this museum displays a collection of famous people frozen in the wax forever. If you want to meet Einstein, Lady Gaga or more local celebrities such as Sisi, Mozart or Gustav Klimt, this is the right place to be.

More info: https://www.madametussauds.com/vienna/en/

  • Natural History Museum Vienna

Paleontology, dinosaur’s skeletons, precious stones, rare insects, meteorites and invaluable pieces of archeology … Treasures from Kings Collections, Explorers’ findings of past centuries… All of this is very fascinating and not only for children.

More info: http://www.nhm-wien.ac.at/en

Have a break to try the best pastries in Austria

After walking hours in the city center or in the Schönbrunn gardens, I think your family would need a sweet break. There are a lot of famous Cafés in Vienna in which you could try ones of the best pastries in Austria.

One of them is the apfelstrudel, a traditional pastry made of apples, dried grapes, cream and cinnamon and best served hot with a vanilla ice cream ball on the top.

Another famous one is the Sacher cake. If the Schnitzel is famous, this cake is already international. It is an amazing chocolate cake that hides a layer of jam inside and also served with a dash of cream. There are no words to describe its taste, kids will love it. You can try it at the Café Sacher Vienna, the original place of Sacher Cake.

I would also recommend the old and authentic but expensive Demel Café.

I hope you found interesting this overview of the best things to do in Vienna with kids. Vienna is a city constantly moving with an amazing past. The Austrian capital is definitely a destination to do with kids and will guarantee you a wonderful experience for the whole family. Please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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