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Things to Do On Your Holiday Trip to Malta

Malta is a spectacular holiday destination that attracts thousands of tourists, from all corners of the world. It is affordable and easily accessible to both independent tourists and traveling groups. The best time to visit Malta and Gozo is April/May or September/October. In case you dream of enjoying the tranquility offered by the island, it is best to visit Malta in the off-season. This is the time when the sites and beaches are less crowded. You are also likely to get better deals on flights, hotels and accommodation during this time.

All tourists may require some advance preps before coming to Malta. Make sure you gear up to manage any unexpected or unfavorable conditions on the island. Nonetheless, Malta is a favorite destination for all beach fanatics as the island offers plenty of diving sites. It doesn’t matter if you are a traveler, a photographer or a food lover, there is a lot to experience in Malta, Gozo and Comino. There are several attractions to make your journey memorable. Here are ten things to do and places to visit while you are on a trip to Malta.

  • Dive in the World-Famous Malta Beaches

Malta hosts one of the world’s most stunning sand beaches. Amateurs and first-time divers should beware of rocks, stones or caves under the crystal blue waters of the Maltese beaches. When you are going for a walk, wear a good pair or beach shoes to wander around smoothly. This way, you will be able to move around comfortably and not feel fatigue or excess strain.

  • Rent Quad Bikes

It helps to rent a car, a jeep or make it on foot when you are on vacation in Malta to explore the place. However, the famous quad bike takes your experience to another level. You can also travel to more places in less time. A quad bike will help you to reach out to even those areas where you cannot easily go to by a jeep or a regular car. This opens up more locations that you can explore.

  • Experience Life in a Farmhouse

To enjoy the true essence of Gozo, you can also skip the hotels. In order to enjoy a great atmosphere, while being at Malta can be offered by a traditional farmhouse. A variety of farmhouses in Malta and Gozo provide a luxurious accommodation experience, which is not less than any five-star hotel. Enjoy your stay in a lavish farmhouse that features huge bedrooms, in-ground pools and private suites with all necessary amenities. These farmhouses offer incredible views to guarantee joyous memories.

  • Explore Calypso’s Cave

This historic beauty is roughly 2,700 years old and is known for being cited in The Odyssey, an epic by Homer. Although, we don’t know if it’s true or not, but the view you get over the red sands of Ramla Bay will make you fall in love with it instantly. You have to see it to believe it!

  • Stay in a Hostel

There are some famous and well-maintained hostels in Malta. Most of the hostels are smaller and may have a few private rooms. However, back-packers can also look for a top hostel to book a room in advance. This way, they can avoid last-minute adjustments or hassle during the trip. Some independent travelers also benefit from different accommodation alternatives. Select the option that fits your budget and suits your taste.

  • Travel around Valletta

Valletta is famous as a UNESCO World Heritage City. The capital city also offers lively shopping, dining and retail opportunities. The great religious buildings, including St. Catherine, are proof of the rich architectural history of the region.

  • Enjoy a Fish Dinner at Marsalforn

Marsalforn is a village on the north coast of Gozo. It is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago and features the island’s best fish cuisines. All travelers must try fresh fish (caught on the same day) at any of the exotic restaurants. It will taste better than any fish you have ever eaten in your life. A whole host of restaurants in Marsalforn offer a delightful traditional dinner to close the day.

  • Visit Comino

Your trip to Malta would be incomplete without visiting Comino. For all backpackers who are interested in camping a night under the Comino sky can stay on a camping site on Comino. Just set up your tent and enjoy the beautiful island by day and night. Travelers need a boat to get to Comino. It offers exciting diving, snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities to local and foreign diving enthusiasts.

  • Plan a Destination Wedding

Maltese cuisine offers one of the world’s most exotic flavors. The island is famous for boasting hundreds of top class chefs and restaurants. Wedding caterers arrange fairy-tale weddings with mouth-watering menus that incorporate innovative recipes to reflect the traditional Maltese cuisine. There are tons of wedding venues to choose from, as Malta never disappoints anyone. You can hold your wedding in many hotels, historic venues or churches for a dream-like wedding. Many sites offer breath-taking harbor views for everyone to enjoy and remember.

Final Thoughts

Although Malta is a tiny island, is offers several unexpected surprises for global tourists. There are many affordable and comfortable accommodation options, dozens of festivals, prehistoric monuments and attractive beaches in Malta, Gozo and Comino to please all kinds of travelers.

About the author: Elena is a travel blogger and scuba diver by profession at Atlantis Gozo. During the shoulder months of winter, she enjoys travelling to exotic places and painting.

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