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6 Top Tips to Help Teens That Want to Travel

If your teens are set on traveling the world by themselves, you may be reluctant to let them go. However, there are many incredibly safe ways that you can encourage your teens to see the world while also protecting them from many of the risks of solo travel. This article will cover the options that they have if you have infected your teen with the family travel bug.

  1. Study Abroad

If your teen is desperate to live in another country or spend longer than a 2-week vacation in a country of their choice, you should encourage them to study abroad to do so. As your kid grows older, there are many college and university options available to them worldwide. This is made even easier if they excel at sports or in a certain subject area, as asmscholarships.com can help them to apply and connect with a college of their choice within the United States. They will also help them to secure a visa and to arrange transport to the institution of their choice, allowing them to combine both travel and study in one.

  1. Open a Savings Account

However, your teen’s longing to travel should not drain your bank account, and so you should help them to open their own savings account and to get a job that will allow them to save up for a trip of a lifetime. This will enable them to steadily save up toward the trip of a lifetime while teaching them important lessons about earning what they want in life.

  1. Find Travel Buddies

If you are nervous about your teen traveling alone, you should encourage them to find travel buddies to go on their trip with. This is usually relatively simple for teens as many people aged 16 plus start to get the travel bug. If this is not possible, you should encourage them to download a meet-up app whereby they can find other teen travelers nearby who they can connect with throughout the course of their adventure. You should also consider being their travel buddy yourself– as long as they stick to your rules for the duration of the trip.

  1. Go on Class or Subject Trips

One of the great advantages of school for teens that love travel is that many subjects will offer class trips that your kid can go on. Many schools offer different financing options for these, and they will allow your kid to see the world while also complementing their learning. They may even be able to improve their grades through this new source of inspiration.

  1. Take a Gap Year for Travel

If your kid is adamant that they do not want to study any longer, you should discuss with them the possibility of taking a gap year to travel. Many teens often combine this with a volunteer or work abroad program that can allow them to earn their way throughout the trip. Not only can this help them to gain a wider perspective of the world, but it could also allow them to get the experience they need for jobs in the future.

  1. Make a Pen Pal

Lastly, the most traditional way for teens to travel around the world on the cheap is to make a pen pal. There are many pen pal schemes out there which could help them to connect with others, especially now that the internet is available 24 hours a day, and you should also consider connecting them with family or friends that may live on the other side of the world.

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