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Is it Fair to Ban Kids from Flying in First Class?

Well, if you ask me, most businessmen and women will jump at the idea of having a kid-free peaceful flight. They think they deserve it. Of course they do, after all they have paid a lump sum of money to maintain a distance from all the chaos and rowdiness of the economic class. Then, why should they compromise?


Kids Flying Business Class

Kids Flying First Class

Image by Evan Bench

But then again, imagine a situation where a couple has to take their sick child out for treatment. Needless to say, they will opt for first class tickets in order to provide maximum comfort to their child. Even if you feel disturbed by the constant howling and colic of the infant, your humanity will prevent you to take any step against it. After all, you know well, that the baby is no more responsible than the parents who are trying hard to cope with everything- the child’s pain, co-passengers’ irritated stares and grumbles.

God forbid, but if you are in the same situation few years down the line, you might understand the hardships they are facing in dealing with the whole thing. So, conclusively, you remain quiet.

Does it mean you have to bear with all nuisances?

No, of course not; why should it be? Remember one thing; it’s not your fault either. The above mentioned theory was just an assumption. There might be cases in which the parents are totally ignorant of the fact they their kids are disrupting the tranquility meant especially for passengers who are travelling on premium class. They go on shouting, fighting with their siblings, playing, running up and down, in spite of the flight attendants’ constant warnings.

A lot of my friends have been narrating disastrous flight stories to me in which they have faced similar situations. Sometimes, if you dare to say something, the self-conceited parents might go to the extent of raising questions regarding your humanity. According to them, it is a quite natural thing for the “little angels” to behave erratically and you, as a matured individual might as well learn to bear with it. Just imagine!

Some rare exceptions like the Malaysian flights and Australian Air Asia X provide kid-free zones in their first class section. Even the cheap Scoot Airlines of Malaysia have joined the no-kid-in-first-class bandwagon lately by providing a 41-seat all-adult zone with some extra dollars. But most of the US and Asian flights do not offer such facilities.

So, what can you possibly do in such a situation?

  • You can either keep mum and tolerate everything with a huge heart,


  • You can stand up against all atrocities and raise your voice, be a revolutionary inside a flying airship.

Well, if you can think of any other way, please let me know.

It is one of the main responsibilities of the flight authority to deduce measures which keep all the first-class passengers to settle down in peace. It should be. No matter in which situation you are, you cannot expect a stranger to be “its okay” and, “alright” with your problems and difficulties; everyone has their own set of troubles and most importantly, when they are all paying for first-class comfort.

No kids in business class please!

Nowadays, the no-kids-in-business-class controversy is at its peak. You cannot deny the fact that businessmen/women traveling from one end of the world to another in order to attend important meetings and seminars deserve a proper and unperturbed flight experience. However, the words “kids” and “peace” do not go hand in hand. If they are children, they will create noise, no matter how much you scold them. Even the most well-behaved and disciplined child cannot be expected to remain absolutely quiet for 6-7 hours. Hence, if you are in a conference call or a private meeting, you would better be off without kids whimpering and crying behind.

Can you really ignore the presence of a yowling kid in first class?

With the word “ignore”, I didn’t mean for you to be deaf and dumb and plug in your earphones for the rest of the journey. What I actually meant to say here is if the situation demands, like there’s a sick child in the room, complaining of abdominal pain or a sudden earache, you can always try to be sympathetic towards the poor soul. You can talk to the parents, offer them your help if required and be like a single family for some time. Being human has nothing to do with loving or hating kids. It just means that for once in life, you stop thinking only about yourself and offer your selfless help to somebody in need of it.

How to cope with a child in business class?

However, it becomes quite difficult to show your empathy when you are in a meeting or conference. But, if you ask me, I think your business associates will not kill you if you excuse yourself for a minute and go talk to the parents regarding your situation. You genial attitude will not only impress them, but also make them aware of your circumstances and you never know, they can take their child elsewhere for that moment. After all, we are all humans, aren’t we?

Can the flight authorities do something?

With respect to the fact that the Airline industry is running on huge profits, according to me, it should not cost them a sweat to spend some extra dollars to provide exclusive facilities for the premium class passengers.

The following points illustrate how the flight experiences can be made suitable for all without denying their basic rights:

  • Kids and adult zones should be made separate in business class and first class sections. Only the parents will be allowed to travel with the children while the rest can have their own space.
  • Action should be taken against arrogant parents who do not comply with the basic rules and regulations and even encourage their wards to continue misbehaving. A fine or a penalty warning might serve the purpose well.
  • Sickrooms should be provided for ailing children where they can rest far from the angry glares of co-passengers.

Several other ways can be thought of to help preserve the tranquility exclusively meant for first class passengers. You just need to be a little considerate and see what comes off your patience and perseverance.

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