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Hawaiian Adventures without Breaking the Bank

If you’ve looked into the possibility of visiting Hawaii in the past, only to let out a deep sigh when the costs present themselves; it may be time to give it another shot. Too long have the prospects of Hawaii vacations been crippled by the idea that in order to enjoy the islands, you need to take out a second mortgage and cash in your life savings. With a bit of planning, a sense of adventure, and an open mind, you can forge unforgettable Hawaiian memories on a budget that you’ll be able to manage!

Staying Central Is Key

While Honolulu is a favorite for tourists looking to spend big, its vast layout and myriad activities means opportunities for fun at a reduced cost as well. The capital city features plenty to take in, and many of the most popular attractions are extremely budget-friendly.

  1. Grab a bus out to Pearl Harbor, where the USS Arizona Memorial and Museum offers a reverent tribute to those who fell in 1941 completely free of charge.
  2. For one measly buck, take a hike up to the peak of Diamond Head crater for unparalleled views of the Pacific and the rest of the island.
  3. The first Friday of the month in Honolulu brings people out to Chinatown to showcase the unique culture of Hawaii. You’ll be surrounded by art, music, and a load of fantastic restaurants that you can enjoy.

Explore the Corners of the Island by Bus

If you’d like to get out of the city for the day, the bus service on the Island is a cheap and easy way to do so. If you’d like to feel the smooth sand of Kailua between your toes, or are hoping to watch some surfers brave the waves of North Shore, the bus routes are comprehensive and can deliver you to a number of places worth exploring. Once you’re there, find some local shops that will allow you to taste the flavor of Hawaii, like some coconut ice cream!

Natural Beauty is Endless (and Free)

People come to Hawaii for relaxation brought on by sights, sounds, and smells. For the budget-conscious traveler, serenity (and a tan) is easily achieved without spending a dime. The world famous Waikiki Beach is easily accessible, as are other flawless stretches of shore to the North and South should you care to go for a bit of a walk.

With luxurious, and more importantly, affordable Oahu hotels awaiting you, and the famous natural beauty that is free for all to enjoy, you won’t pay a premium to soak in the rays. A bit of preparation and research will reveal that Hawaii features an endless amount to do without the expensive frills.

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