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Why should I book tickets directly from the websites of airlines?

Since travel has opened up a bit, some countries have opened for tourism. Tickets for flights and hotels can be booked directly from the website, or maybe from the agents. But, there are various benefits of booking directly from the websites of airlines such as Cathay Pacific that are explained below.

Best of values: You can earn some great discounts and offers.  There are basically no hidden fees and in case you pay by credit card, you don’t have to pay anything extra. You can explore the various offers like student fare, family adventure fare, domestic helper fares, and many other kinds that can get you awesome financial discounts. You can avail some more kinds of offers like saving with duty-free purchases. You may get an up-gradation to the class of flights to avail.

Highest flexibility: The best part of booking directly from the website is that you will get 24/7 support. You will have the flexibility of locking your ticket for up to 72 hours. You can avail the same price. You can avail of the miles plus cash or maybe any offer that can reward you for flying longer hours. You may have an option for a seat in my partner airlines, and that’s a great advantage. You will earn miles and club points in an exchange for your ticket.

Greatest assurance: You may use options to make changes to your bookings, baggage allowance, and also seat reservation. You have the option of making unlimited changes to the new tickets and also involving no fee change.

Selling the add-ons effortlessly: Suppose you are interested in some add-on services, you can easily opt for them. Say like, selling drinks and other facilities could be an added facility, so you can add them to the package.

Capitalize on co-branded card bonuses: If the airlines are having a partnership with companies like hotels and spas or other facilities, then you can get a direct discount here.

What are the simple steps of booking tickets online and what must you be cautious about?

In case you want to book tickets online, log on to the website and select the trip. There are options to choose from as a multi-city or maybe a direct trip. While you select the tickets you can indicate if that could be a flexible or a fixed option. Fixed options might be cheaper but upon cancellation, you won’t get any refunds. Now, you can pay directly from the website with your credit/debit card. You can expect some great offers in return. Get some extra benefits like up-gradation of flight class, extra baggage allowance, or maybe lounge allowance. Whatever offers are never going to be at a loss.

In case of cancellation, you will lose some money, and keeping that in mind, analyze the extent of monetary loss you have to undergo. In fact, since the pandemic has taken its shape, travel has been the most affected sector. But, as normalcy seems to commence, booking of tickets and tourism has seen a bit of improvement. You can book your flight tickets from anywhere and at any time, that’s the biggest advantage. You can check your calendar and start booking tickets.

Take into consideration the quarantine mandates, since there are various issues of the same and that might change according to time. Getting your COVID test done before boarding and after landing could be a mandatory step and check the timing of the required test. Quarantine procedures also might vary. Anyways, in case you have to face quarantine, be prepared for the same and accomplish your packing accordingly. Make sure that you cannot reach your luggage till the date you are released from the quarantine spot.

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