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7 Tips for Planning a Holiday in the UK on a Budget

Traveling and exploring the world is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and it can also be expensive.

Don’t let this stop you from seeing all the sights, though. There are many ways to plan your dream vacation without spending too much money.

Check out these tips for planning a holiday in the UK on a budget, and get ready to take off on an adventure. And don’t forget to check your travel and life insurance status before you go!

If you haven’t done it, the IH team is always ready to help you with all your life insurance needs at a moment’s notice.

  • Go Camping

Instead of booking yourself into an expensive hotel or hostel, opt to spend your nights sleeping under the stars.

Even if you don’t have access to your own camping equipment, there are plenty of opportunities to rent out what you need.

It may be more expensive than pitching a tent of your own, but it will still save you money and be far more enjoyable than staying indoors.

  • Avoid Major Cities

While many travelers choose to stay at hotels during their trip, you’ll be able to save money by renting an apartment.

If you’re traveling with children or another group of people, an apartment can also provide more space than a hotel room. Rental agencies often have multiple apartments available so you can find one that matches your needs.

  • Rent an Apartment

Search Airbnb (and other rental sites) for properties; it’s much cheaper than booking through big hotel companies, and you’ll get to stay in someone’s home.

You can rent anything from cottages to castles, depending on your budget.

  • Pack Lightly

Packing lightly is one of the easiest ways to save money while traveling—as well as reduce some of your stress.

You’ll spend less on checked bags and avoid excess fees by bringing carry-on only.

Don’t worry about packing light. Just remember to plan out your outfits ahead of time, so you don’t waste time fretting over what to wear while you travel.

  • Stay Healthy

While you’re planning your holiday, don’t forget to take into account your health. Book travel insurance and any necessary vaccinations well in advance. You won’t regret it if something goes wrong.

  • Book Activities During Off-Season

Holidays are a perfect time to break out of your normal routine and escape from everyday life.

It’s also extremely easy to overspend during popular holiday travel periods, so it’s important to start planning as early as possible.

  • Pack Snacks and Water for Road Trips

If you’re going to be spending an extended amount of time in a car, you might want to consider packing snacks and water before you leave.

Gas stations are notorious for having expensive snacks, so it’s best to keep your travel costs down by making sure that you have enough fuel for your journey! Pack travel-sized snacks from home, or stop at a grocery store near your starting point before leaving.


Start with an idea about why you’re taking your vacation, how long you’ll be gone, and who you’ll go with.

Then, lay out an itinerary that syncs up with where your friends are going to be on each day of their trip – so that everyone can see one another while spending as little money as possible.

With some basic planning, you can take your trip on a budget without having to worry about life insurance!

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